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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

iOS 12: these are the new features you'll want on your iPhone

After the iOS 11 fiasco in terms of performance, battery and programmed obsolescence , Apple's software engineers must already be developing the main features of iOS 12 . The next version of the mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch could provide users with absolutely spectacular new features.

But despite having an immense amount of bugs, problems and errors, iOS 11 offered a very good variety of features, features, visual details, features and improvements . But this version needs many things to polish, especially those that affect the performance of devices of previous generations.

We hope that iOS 12 provides users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch many more visual improvements in the user interface, much more stability and a decent user experience of one of the leading companies in the manufacture of smartphones. In fact, it is speculated that they will focus on the performance of their devices rather than their novelties.

In this article we will talk about some small details that Apple could implement at the software level in iOS 12 . And eye, because some of these features are really interesting.

iOS 12: a new chapter in the history of the iPhone

The goal of this vision of iOS 12 is to solve all the uncomfortable sensations that iOS 11 currently offers, as well as simplify the execution of tasks and make it deserve the title of "the most advanced operating system in the world."
Virtual Home button

Apple should implement a virtual Home button in a different circular way to the element present in the lower part of the iPhone X screen. A clean, simple and minimalist design . Ideally, it should include Touch ID technology but this is more complicated.

Status bar 

One of the problems of the iPhone X with iOS 11 is the appearance of the "ears" in each of the upper corners of the terminal. Therefore, we thought it would be much better if the status bar was always black: playing videos, photographs, home screen, applications, Notification Center, etc.

Volume HUD 

We continue in the status bar of iOS 12, with highly requested features by iPhone and iPad users. How many times have you felt uncomfortable about the intrusion of the volume HUD? It appears throughout the central part of the screen and slightly spoils the viewing experience of videos (among other actions). So we thought that Apple could implement a volume control in the status bar , in this way it would be less intrusive to the user. Finally, we recommend extended information on the icons in the status bar: connectivity, date and time, battery, etc.
Lock screen 

The iOS 12 lock screen would have to present elements of interest to the user such as the number of emails, the number of calls, the messages ... This image shows a very elegant concept as an example.

Starting screen 

The iOS 12 Home Screen could provide users with new elements and an improved design. We are talking about quick access icons with 3D Touch , an area for Widgets, a universal button to go back, a button for the App Switcher ...

Notifications Center

The iPhone Notifications Center has little room for improvement, but there are always things to polish. Apple should re-group notifications in iOS 12, allowing users to choose if they want to organize notifications by application and / or by date. Additionally, we expect tactile gestures to eliminate all notifications at the same time.

Control center

Apple can and should continue to implement customization options in the Control Center. It would be great to be able to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity completely without going through Settings. Another wonderful idea would be to include a button for Night Mode and more 3D Touch functions. Finally, we would love it if it did not occupy the entire screen (as in iOS 10) but it is unlikely to happen.

User interface

We hope and wish that the iOS 12 user interface offers iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users a great experience. This could be achieved through a clean, elegant, classic, minimalist and simple user interface . This design would help to focus on what is most important.

Sending calls

It's time for Apple to refresh the screen (and the visual characteristics) of iPhone Phone application calls. In this conceptual image you can see some very interesting novelties with a spectacular design in its different elements, menus and buttons .

Receiving Calls

Another aspect to improve in this regard are the incoming calls. Would not it be great to give a new style to the screen of the reception of calls? In addition, you could implement a button to ignore the call and an option to activate the silent mode in the lower right corner.

Call widget

Incoming calls do not have to occupy the entire iOS 12 screen. A small Widget at the top of the user interface would be much less intrusive and could compile all the options for calls: reminders, messages, silent mode, reject, ignore , accept ... This small panel could be removed with a simple touch on the screen.

Application multitasking

The current App Switcher functionality (multitasking that allows you to switch between application and application) is very useful, but it can improve in many aspects. With this concept of App Switcher users could slide their finger from the left side of the screen of your iPhone to reveal all applications that are open . On the other hand, and this function would be fantastic, you could implement a small button on the bottom to close all apps at once.

Applications with Touch ID

The privacy of users in iOS 12 should prevail over anything else. That is why we think that the introduction of the Touch ID function to block any application should be paramount in the new version of the mobile operating system of the company of the bitten apple.

Options for the Camera app

The user interface of the native application iOS 12 camera is not free from the implementation of new features. Some changes such as the addition of quick options in the upper right corner would allow users to enjoy more convenient accessibility.

Guest mode

A way for guests to access the features of an iPhone would be really useful in many cases. This mode could be controlled, limited and restricted by the owner from the iOS 12 Settings application in order to determine which applications will be available.

Night Mode

We have previously talked about the incorporation of a button for Night Mode in the Control Center of iOS 12. This Night Mode would save up to 25% battery , accommodate the vision in the user interface and additionally provide an elegant and luxurious design To the system.
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To finish with the features we want from iOS 12, we recommend a series of especially spectacular wallpapers.

Video of iOS 12 news

What do you think about these impressive new features, features and options for iOS 12? Which of these functions is your favorite?

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