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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Is audio quality lost with AirPods because they are wireless?

If there is something that many of us miss when buying the new terminals that come to market, it is the jack. It seems that the crusade against the port of 3.5 "has become widespread after Apple showed the way to other companies, although some companies still offer solutions in the form of an adapter to continue using our old headphones.

The truth is that many detractors of listening to music by Bluetooth in general and AirPods in particular use excuses without too much foundation, as how easy it is to lose them even if it has an easy solution . While it is true that almost everything they tell us can be quietly refuted, there is a very used argument to which we do not usually know how to respond: music is heard worse . The foundation on which they base this theory is simple, and is that they say, the compression necessary for data to be sent by this system makes the sound lose quality.

Is this true? The truth is that this compression is not always necessary . To understand this concept better it will be necessary to talk about codecs.

What influence do codecs have on quality?

The Bluetooth was not born to be a system by which to send songs to our favorite headphones from our mobile phone, although that is one of the most important current purposes , but the truth is that this is a relatively new trend, so the bandwidth what it supports is really small . This means that although we will not find problems in compressing a phone call, we will experience quality losses in case the audio we want to hear is compressed.

But this does not always have to be the case. In the case that both the mobile and the helmets share a codec, the music does not have to be altered or compressed .

To understand this of codecs, we must start from the basis that every Bluetooth device must be compatible with the SBC codec. In addition to this, it can also be compatible with other types of codecs such as MP2 or MP3, AAC or ATRAX, among others. Needless to say, AirPods support a good number of audio codecs, including some high-fidelity codecs.

In short, if you are sending an audio format from your mobile phone and your bluetooth device recognizes that codec, no compression will be applied to your music . 

Then there's no problem?

This applies as long as we are talking about music that comes from the library of our iPhone, and is that these same rules do not necessarily apply in streaming music. While it is true that the normal thing is that they really do share a codec, pages such as Spotify use Ogg Orvis, so it is possible that quality does drop here , always depending on the bluetooth device due to the different format.

Before despairing and going to tell all your friends, unless you are a real audiophile with a sound system designed to thrill Amar Bose himself you will not notice the difference, so you can breathe easy. Conclusion? You can buy your AirPods without fear , that you will not lose sound quality in the vast majority of cases. And even if it were, you're not going to notice it too much.

Via | Andro4All 

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