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Monday, 26 February 2018

Is the Samsung Galaxy S9 rival for the iPhone X?

Almost half a year after the presentation of the iPhone X, Samsung has finally presented its first top of the range of 2018 just the day before the start of MWC 2018. The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has been chosen to show the world its latest creation , the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 +. Will it be enough to counteract the fury started with the Apple flagship?
Samsung's response to a market polarized by the iPhone X

2017 will be remembered for many things, but in regard to the smartphone sector, it could be said that it was a good year. After the Note7 banger, Samsung licked its wounds and compensated its customers with two successful lines, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and the spectacular Samsung Galaxy S8. Although the first satisfied its premium users, the S8 was and is a terminal with a great value for money - especially in recent months - a beautiful and fluid design, as it could not be less in a mobile of this range.

But of course, the iPhone X arrived and nothing was again as before . Apple was not the first to start the club of smartphones of more than one thousand euros - in fact it was Samsung itself with its Note8 - but it has shown that the iPhone X is worth it. Although we will not expand on justifying the law of supply and demand or how the market works, it is clear that the iPhone X has changed it.

A facial recognition so precise that allows to unlock the terminal or make payments, an infinite display without competition for its quality, its peculiar notch of which even Samsung laughed at his ad , a bionic processor that uses Artificial Intelligence for which augmented reality is a walk and that simply bangs the rest of the chips ... even the Animojis!

Thus, it is not surprising that Android manufacturers have sought to improve by all means their facial recognition and other features, and even to be blatantly inspired by their design. We are not talking about clones, which are there , but big firms like Xiaomi and Mi Mix 2s or Huawei and their P20 .

But most of us were looking forward to the replica of the Koreans, Apple's closest rival. And his response has been strong and quality, with a device that repeats what the Samsung Galaxy S8 triumphed but improves all its weaknesses , especially in some that are fundamental: its optics and biometric recognition.

Make no mistake, the S8 was a fantastic mobile, but when you buy a top of the range, it is normal to be demanding . Yes, it may have improved in other areas such as its brand new Snapdragon 845 processor, Bixby being smarter or a higher quality OLED, but these two things are vital.

With the arrival of technology in all facets of our lives, it is not surprising that biometric systems displace passwords because we simply can not control them all. While the S8 had an uncomfortable fingerprint reader and an easily deceived testimonial facial recognition with a passport photo , the Samsung Galaxy S9 has put the batteries improving both the distribution of the reader and an effective Inteligent scan .

And what to say about optics. Today we have reached a level of performance in chips that honestly, the S8 or the iPhone 7 already satisfied us and a few tenths of a second will not make a difference at the user level during the day, but the optics is another thing. Mobile photography is a trend - you just have to look at Instagram to check it with the hashtag #shotoniphone - and when someone buys a range top, it expects some cameras to match, something that Samsung has finally done with its line S.

... I forgot, the new Samsung Galaxy S9 have also Animojis .

Is the Samsung Galaxy S9 rival for the iPhone X?

The truth is that the rivalry Samsung - Apple is something like Barça - Real Madrid , a matter of taste. In terms of design and features, we are facing an exquisite range top, appealing to anyone because it has everything: a good display, manageability, good camera, power, it's nice ... who could resist that?

Personally, I am a total devotee of iOS, so I just do not think I chose an Android terminal. I'm not the only one in this: many users when they try an iPhone, no longer have back .

You may not like the stiffness and secrecy of iOS, but you can not ignore that even the Samsung Galaxy S8 was not compatible with the current Android 8.0 Oreo until recently and there is something that is non-negotiable in a mobile: security. And of course, if you buy a top of the range, what less than having support updates a few years , something that Koreans should take care of more. Not everything is selling, you also have to worry about giving good support .

However Samsung has a great advantage : the price. Yes, I know that right now the new Samsung Galaxy S9 cost a thousand euros, but in a couple of months we can buy them for much less, which is a real competitive advantage when Apple presents the 2018 iPhone.

In short, Samsung will achieve good sales as I did last year, but I do not think the Samsung Galaxy S9 is enough reason for a user who has the Samsung Galaxy S8 to change terminal and of course, I do not think anyone with an iPhone X I did the same. Another thing is those who have older mobiles, but in these cases the competition is fierce, not only with Apple and their iPhones, but also with the proposals of Xiaomi, OnePlus or Huawei, to give some examples.

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