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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Making a HomePod is much more expensive than you think

The HomePod is already sold officially in the market, and that makes it generate news every very little time, aided greatly by the problems of the stains left on the surfaces where it is placed . In addition, in the last few hours the price of what it costs to manufacture each of these devices has transcended, and that, unlike what many of us thought, is a much higher cost.

And is that according to has been released the price of all components of a HomePod are up to $ 216 , a very high amount for a device of this type. If we take into account that we can buy it for $ 349, the profit for Apple is about 133 dollars.
This is the basic breakdown of the cost of a HomePod

If we demolish a HomePod as our fellow iFixit have done, we would find the A8 processor and the rest of the components for the intelligent use of the device, as well as everything related to the sound adjustments cost only $ 25. 58 dollars are worth the woofer and the hardware for energy management .

One of the most expensive things is the integrated lighting system that costs Apple $ 60 , to which we must add another $ 25 which is the price of all external elements, including the housing itself. Finally and to round the cost figure we have to add another 17.50 dollars that are dedicated to other concepts among which we imagine that they will be for example screws, cables and other components. 

The profit margin of Apple in each HomePod is 38% , which is far from what the Cupertino get for example with each iPhone. In addition this figure surprised even more since all or practically all the experts were convinced that the manufacturing cost of the smart speaker was much better.

Do you find the manufacturing cost of each HomePad set at $ 216 too expensive?

Via | bloomberg 

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