Meet the platform of affected by Apple of Spain -


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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Meet the platform of affected by Apple of Spain

The case of the batteries , known as batterygate , which we learned about in mid-December , continues to bring tail. So much so that in Spain a pioneering initiative is presented, which has materialized as a platform.

The mission is none other than to file a class action against the American giant. And it is that nothing has served the battery replacement service at a reduced price that Apple has until December 31 of this year. The company's apologies for the "misunderstanding" have not softened the founders of this platform, which will initiate legal measures .

And is that behind this initiative there is a law firm, about 50 in total, which will advise users who want to undertake this type of action against Apple. They consider that after this case there is misleading advertising, illicit enrichment and fraud on the part of Californians. They aim to give, therefore, a voice to consumers who feel their rights are violated.

This professional law firm has created a website in which users can assert their rights against Apple, without any cost and with "100% guarantee of success", with the objective of obtaining some kind of compensation from the Cupertino , agglutinating the greatest number of possible cases.

And is that this type of actions are very popular in the United States, with great success stories, which however in our country are often unpunished . So Class Action seeks to copy this model and provide those affected with favorable resolutions.

Do you think that you have felt cheated? Have you suffered the famous batterygate ? Is the performance of your device not what you expected? Maybe this platform can help you.

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