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Monday, 5 February 2018

Movistar, Orange and Vodafone raise their rates: this is what you will pay

The controversy is served, the main operators of the country apply from today (Movistar), increases in the prices of their communications packages. Ascents that are recurrently occurring two years ago at this time .

And it is that the rise applied today Movistar affects its Fusion package, a combined phone, TV, and mobile and that has a supplement of 5 euros more per month . And not only the blue ones are the ones that raise their prices, just behind will come Orange in its package Love and Vodafone with the One, although the latter does it in April.

And companies are hiding in this price increase claiming that the improvements in services is notorious, as they either increase the amount of mobile data or the speed of the fiber . Consumers, however, do not see these increases with good eyes.

And in fact, there are many people who do not like this price increase because they can not take advantage of the supposed improvements. Many users are unable to exhaust their data rates and therefore do not need more, so a price increase for the sake of a better quality of service does not make much sense.

How much will I pay then?

Movistar Fusion

All Fusion packages raise 5 euros, except, except Fusion # 0 and Fusion Series. The affected rates are Movistar Fusion + Leisure, Fusion + Football, Fusion + Total Fiction, Fusion + Premium, Fusion + and Premium Extra, Fusion +4 Premium and 4 Premium Extra. Double the symmetric fiber connection speed and add 2GB to all data bonds in the mobile lines

Mobile only rate

Between two and three euros from the 18th of this month. The tariffs with unlimited minutes and SMS raise its price three euros in exchange for 5GB more data .

Rates only fiber.

Movistar Fiber Optic packages, both 50 MB and 300 MB cost 2 euros more per month since last January.


From day 25 the prices of the packages will increase between 2 and 5 euros , in exchange for moment in the amount of data.

Essential Love

It increases 3 euros and goes from 3GB to 4GB mobile data.

Love without limits

Upload 2 euros and upload 2GB data up to 10GB.

Love Family

Increase 5 euros per month, and the bonus goes to 20GB.

Love Total Family

It also rises 5 euros in exchange for giving 30 GB of data.


The red company will rise, though from April 1 , its prices in mobile rates between 1 and two euros, between 4 and 5 convergent packages.
Vodafone One

They will include Social Pass, an additional mobile line will be given and another to share the internet in other devices. The One M and above plans will benefit in the GB to navigate.

Vodafone One S will cost 57 euros per month Vodafone One M, 68 euros and Vodafone One L 81 euros. Vodadone One Family Football goes up 5 euros .
Mobile rates.

Smart and higher rates include the possibility of using data in social networks and sn messaging that are deducted from their rate, known as Vodafone Pass. In the mobile plans Red M and above, an additional SIM is added to share rate data. Finally, in the Mini S and + Mini Lines plans, an additional 500 megabytes are added.
Does anyone stay out of the raises?

MasMóvil is currently going to stay as it is, while continuing to seek alliances with Orange to improve its fiber and data network . Thanks to this policy of staying out of the price rise has managed to snatch large customers many customers. This operator is the owner of another such as Yoigo or PepePhone.

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