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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

On Valentine's Day, your heart does not live alone of love, take care of it with Apple

In order to reduce the chances of having some type of cardiovascular disease, it is advisable to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, and try to reserve each day at least half an hour to perform some kind of physical activity with some intensity. These types of recommendations are especially important for Apple when it comes to improving the health of all its users, and for this reason, many of its devices are ready to help you meet these objectives .

For users of Apple's smart watch, this is nothing new, in fact, we remember it every time we remember that we should get up every hour to meet the blue ring of activity. However, following its new custom of creating special achievements for certain times of the year, Apple has designed a special prize for all those who have thought to give themselves cane on Valentine's Day to keep at bay the chocolates that may fall.

From February 8 to February 14, Apple Watch users can achieve a new goal that will be to complete the exercise ring, which implies that we will have to perform 30 minutes of physical activity, every day within that period . The prize that we will achieve will be the medal that you can see in the highlighted image of the article, specially designed not only for Valentine's Day, but also to celebrate that this is the month of the heart in the USA.

In any case, and although this can be a great incentive to improve our physical fitness, there is no better motivation than the sensations we have when we enjoy good health thanks to an active lifestyle. Especially after completing a hard workout, which always helps you get along with the routine.

Via | MacRumors 

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