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Friday, 2 February 2018

OnePlus explains why copy to Apple's iPhone

It is no secret that Android smartphone manufacturing companies take inspiration from Apple's work on their iPhone . It makes sense, since Apple also does the same. This is the technology market, the advances of some are taken advantage of by others. And this benefits all of us, the consumers.

But OnePlus has always taken Apple as a reference, much more than any other company. In fact, it is very evident that the OnePlus 5 had a design exactly like the iPhone 7 Plus .

And now, OnePlus presented Face Unlock , a facial recognition functionality that curiously came to light days after the launch of Face ID of the iPhone X.

Why does OnePlus copy Apple's iPhone?

In the latest beta version of Android Oreo for the OnePlus 5T the company has added functionality that allows to disable the software navigation bar in favor of tactile control gestures. These gestures are unabashedly familiar to those already present on Apple's iPhone X.

The touch gestures of the iPhone X allow you to slide your finger on the screen to return to the home screen, to use application multitasking, to go back, to open the Notification Center, etc.

When OnePlus introduced the OnePlus 5T, its designers commented something very curious. Although the truth is that they wanted to make a completely different phone to the iPhone 7 Plus . But they also affirmed the following:

    "The company has never wanted to be different for the simple fact of being different. Instead, try to make design decisions that are familiar to users. "

And that's why OnePlus takes the design of Apple's iPhone as a reference.

The new tactile gestures that OnePlus has implemented in its terminal provide the same functionality as the physical buttons of any smartphone. But, little by little, these buttons are disappearing ... will we soon see a future without buttons in the world of smartphones and tablets?

Source | BGR 

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