Samsung overtakes Intel and becomes the world's largest chip maker -


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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Samsung overtakes Intel and becomes the world's largest chip maker

You can not say it's a good year for Intel. If first they were the appearance of Meltdown and Specter today we learn of a news that show the change of the new times. After 25 years at the top, Intel was dethroned by the South Korean company. Samsung surpasses Intel and becomes the world's largest chip maker .

Samsung beats Intel

A change that is undoubtedly due to the important role in our society that smartphones and other portable devices have taken.

Since 1992, Intel has been the largest integrated circuit manufacturing company in the world, but after the results of Samsung's chip manufacturing division it became clear that, after 25 years, the US company no longer holds the position. first place.

According to Bloomberg , in 2017 the sales of integrated circuits of Samsung reached 69,000 million dollars, in contrast to the sale of Intel products that reached "only" the figure of 62,800 million dollars. The total turnover of the South Korean company stood at around 225 billion dollars, of which 50.7 billion dollars would correspond to profits.

The most important part of the turnover of Samsung's chip manufacturing division corresponds to sales of integrated circuits for Flash and RAM memory. Other products include processors for major companies in the mobile component market, such as Qualcomm with its Snapdragon SoC, which are sold on numerous mobile devices of various brands.

However, Intel remains the undisputed market leader in personal computer processors, which it controls with a market share of 90%. Their incursions into the mobility market have not been very successful, eventually leaving the manufacture of processors for this market in 2016.

The early days of 2018 have been difficult for Intel with the discovery of Specter and Meltdown security vulnerabilities, which have a particularly severe impact on its processors and the difficulties it makes to solve these problems through software updates.

The president of Intel, Brian Krzanich announced during the presentation of results, that the company will soon launch new processors that will no longer be affected by the two vulnerabilities discovered at the end of 2017. We hope that this time the plans go as planned ...

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