Samsung says that their Emoji ARs are not a copy of the Animoji -


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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Samsung says that their Emoji ARs are not a copy of the Animoji

The world mobile conference that is being held in Barcelona has not yet ended, and the battle seems to be served by the South Korean company and Apple , on account of the novelty that the first ones have presented with their AR Emojis.

And is that both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its larger model, the S9 + have a feature that reminds a lot of the Animojis of the iPhone X. You can take a self photo with the front camera and it automatically becomes a personalized emoji .

And of course, the controversy is served. Who came up with the idea first? Because one of the thinking heads of Samsung, DJ Koh, refers to this technology as something they have been working on for many years , specifically since 2001, when they were in the form of 3D animations.

But of course, it's time to ask a question. If Samsung was working on this for so long, how is it presented just after Apple? Because the iPhone X needs the TrueDepth system to create the Animoji, that is, create a three-dimensional image of the subject to be able to perform the animation.

However, the creation of the Samsung Emoji AR is done with a standard camera, which does not need as much complexity as Apple , although it needs a lot more processor power to create this image. Samsung's proposal is fresh, different, and perhaps does not start from the same base as the Animojis iPhone X, but it is true that it is still to be polished.

What is clear is that this type of icons will pierce very deep in consumers, and that they are not a simple game of adolescents , what will bring us the nearest future with this type of applications that makes use of augmented reality? What was first? Apple or Samsung? It is the eternal dilemma.

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