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Friday, 2 February 2018

See all you can do with the augmented reality of iOS 11.3

The new update of iOS 11.3 , which will be released this February, will offer developers the 1.5 version of ARKit . The augmented reality platform of Apple will offer surprising new features in the creation of applications.

ARKit 1.5 will provide a variety of functions to developers. You can map surfaces of irregular shapes obtaining a better detection of the environment. Additionally, it can also recognize vertical surfaces such as walls, doors, furniture ...

Over the course of the last week, developers have had the opportunity to try ARKit 1.5. Some of them have shared videos of their augmented reality creations , offering brief demonstrations of what the new version of Apple's augmented reality platform is capable of doing. And the results are incredible, look, look!

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ARKit 1.5: everything you can do in iOS 11.3

When Apple releases the new version iOS 11.3 for iPhone and iPad, users can start downloading augmented reality creations from developers. In the following video you can see how vertical surface detection works .

    So I've been playing with the new ARKit wall detection today ... what do you think? #arkit #madewitharkit #augmentedreality # iOS113 # arkit15 #ar #AugmentedReality
    - Ubicolor ™ (@ubicolorapps) January 25, 2018

A clear example of how vertical plane detection can be used in augmented reality games as in the following video:

    Made a weird ass # GGJ18 game Creature-z this weekend with @tristan_damron , @marknerys and @ericklind using #ARkit verticalPlane detection. Big up to @PIGSquad for hosting 🤙
    - lauri (^ ー ^) ノ (@lingoded) January 29, 2018

The videos show us elements of augmented reality very simple and with a few elaborate graphics. But when ARKit 1.5 is present in iOS 11.3, developers can work more on their creations and the results will be more spectacular.

The following video has enchanted us, it shows us how vertical surface detection is able to create a very realistic animated parrot while flying around the window . The effects of depth are amazing.

    Look what flew in through my window today ... #ARKit
    - Abhishek Singh (@shekitup) January 31, 2018

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Another of our favorites, below, you can see how ARKit 1.5 is able to read elements on vertical surfaces and indicate which product belongs to each barcode:

    In ARKit 1.5 reference images can be any image. Including barcodes !!!! #ARKit #AugmentedReality
    - azamsharp (@azamsharp) January 31, 2018

The ARKit 1.5 image detection can also be really useful in art galleries and museums. In this video you can see how it could be used:

    #arkit image detection 1st try: success! As @Apple said, great feature for Museums. Now I need content for 2300 paintings @NationalGallery
    - Romain Derrien (@LondonRom) January 28, 2018

On the other hand, and finally to finish, ARKit 1.5 will also introduce a higher resolution for the camera , moving to 1,080p instead of 720p.

Via | Macrumors 

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