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Monday, 12 February 2018

Siri is not stupid and passes an intelligence test

This past Friday we could already see that the new smart speaker from Apple reached users and stores , although for now in Spain we can not enjoy its features . And of course, the tests by some websites have not been made wait. All are expectations that have no other objective than comparing HomePod with its rivals.

And one of them, Loup Ventures has crushed HomePod to see how far it was able to go. Specifically, and leaving aside how well the speaker sounds, which does a great job, they have focused on the virtual assistant Siri. And is that our companion understood 99.4 percent of the questions and answered correctly 52.3 percent of them .

And to tell the truth, it is not that this result is especially good , since it is losing if we compare it with Alexa from Amazon (64 percent) and Cortana from Microsoft (57 percent), winning Google Home with a fantastic 81 percent.

And of course, you're wondering what Siri is good at when it comes to helping you. Well, very simple, it helps you very well if you ask questions that you have nearby, such as looking for a coffee shop or a store . In this area, Siri beats Alexa and Cortana, but even so, she lags behind the Google assistant in Google Home.

And to tell the truth, Loup Ventures do not consider that they are bad results for Siri, since this assistant included in the HomePod is more focused on the musical area . And to tell the truth, the smart speaker takes a few days between users, unlike its rivals.

And a very favorable point for Siri is the ability to hear who orders an order in harsh conditions, that is, with loud music, where it is not necessary for the user to raise his voice too loudly . Like everything new, Apple will have to polish their HomePod, with a great sound quality according to those who have tried it, making Siri the ideal complement that will gradually learn more and better functions.

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