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Monday, 19 February 2018

Solution Guide for HomePod Configuration Errors

Ok, you just bought your brand new HomePod . You take it out of its box, read the instructions like any good user, and connect it to the power outlet. However, something strange happens when trying to synchronize it with your iPhone or iPad: your HomePod does not stop giving an error!

Today we bring you the solution to the 6 most common mistakes that came with the new Apple HomePod, a product designed to change the way we listen to music . Keep reading to use it as God intended!

Configuration failure 301003 

This is one of the most common errors suffered by users across the internet. However, it has easy solution. Just follow these steps to continue enjoying your HomePod.

  •     Restart your HomePod with the power button - do not disconnect it by force.
  •     Restart your iPhone or iPad.
  •     Activate the airplane mode of your terminal and deactivate it again. 
This should solve the configuration problem . If it does not happen, take your HomePod to an Apple Store to apply a guarantee.

Configuration Fault -6722 

Although this is not a problem too widespread, it is one of the most likely to happen to you if you have enough bad luck. It seems to be an incompatibility of Apple's new product with your router's Firewall.

If you want to fix error -6722 of your HomePod, do the following :

  •     Disable your router's Firewall for a moment.
  •     Open the Home application on your iPhone and restart HomeKit . 

Now you should be able to configure your HomePod normally. Make sure to activate your router's firewall after performing the procedure.
Configuration failure 301014 

The HomePod has regional limitations , and this was discovered by a Chinese user trying to link his gadget to his iPhone. If you want to configure it correctly, you will have to use a device purchased in the same area of ​​your Apple ID.

If you are having this error when configuring your HomePod, we can only tell you one thing: change the region of your iCloud account to one compatible with your HomePod. There is no other way to solve this error, at least for the moment.

Then you should be able to configure your new HomePod normally from your iPhone or iPad.
Configuration Failure -6753 

This may be the most mysterious mistake among those on the list. Apple does not offer any data about the -6753 error, but users have managed to fix it as follows:

  •     Restart your iPhone or iPad.
  •     Upgrade to the latest available version of iOS.
  •     Activate the double authentication method for your Apple ID.
  •     Try activating the iCloud Keychain .
  •     Close the session of your Apple ID and start it again.
  •     Restart the HomePod by turning it off and then on again. 

If with none of these steps you can configure your speaker, you should go to the nearest Apple Store to change it or clarify any doubts you may have.
Infinite loading in configuration screen 

Sometimes there may be errors in the configuration of the HomePod that do not show any type of code, but instead remain in an infinite configuration process and that seems never to end. If this is your case, here are some solutions:

  •     Clear the Home application of your iPhone or iPad.
  •     Remove the Music app too .
  •     Close session of your iCloud account.
  •     Re- login to your iCloud account.
  •     Reinstall the Music app and the Casa app. 

Now try to reconfigure your HomePod. This should solve the pairing problem.
Connection error WPA / WPA2 

Although it seems the most spectacular process in the world, sometimes the HomePod will give us more detailed errors so that we can solve them in the shortest time. If your gadget is telling you that you must be connected to a WPA / WPA2 connection to continue with the configuration, do the following :

  •     Reset your HomePod and leave it off.
  •     Disable the automatic connection and ask when connecting.
  •     Now try to configure your HomePod again. 

If you have any security application, there is another method that you can carry out:

  •     Uninstall the app temporarily.
  •     Remove your Wi-Fi network from your iPhone. 

Now try to connect with your HomePod , as this should solve the problem. 

The HomePod is the latest gadget brought to us by those from Cupertino, and like any novelty, it has some problems during its first days. Hopefully Apple will solve all possible errors in the least amount of time, so that users can enjoy the wonderful sound created by the HomePod.

Have you had any problems with the configuration of your HomePod? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Cydia Geeks 

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