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Friday, 2 February 2018

Soon Apple will allow to reserve batteries from its web

The controversial #BatteryGate has caused a stir in the world of technology, obviously especially for Apple. The company of the bitten apple had no choice but to lower the price of its replacement batteries due to the dissatisfaction of its customers.

Apple has had to make major changes to its battery replacement program after the discovery that the company deliberately slowed down the performance of previous generation mobile devices to preserve battery life and stop unexpected blackouts.

Now, it seems that Apple has set out to offer a new service that will allow consumers to reserve batteries directly from their website . Currently, this service is available in Canada.

How the new Apple service works

Replacing the battery of an Apple mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) can solve many performance and stability problems of the operating system. And now, with the price reductions in the battery replacement program, many users have opted for this option.

To help its consumers, Apple has launched a new service to reserve a battery. Consumers can reserve a specific battery for their iPhone model and, between three to five days, the Apple Bite company will contact the customer to let them know that the battery is ready to pick up at the nearest Apple Store.

The operation is simple, customers in Canada only need to log in with their Apple ID, go to the support service, select the battery and press on the reserve option .

According to the sources, this new service could be considered as a marketing test. This could indicate that Apple would be considering launching this new service in other countries very soon . Although there is no guarantee of that.

Source | Macrumors 

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