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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Tabi Kaeru, the innocent Japanese app that tricked the App Store

Apple's app store is characterized not only by having thousands of them, but by a rather strict policy. With this it is possible to avoid, to a large extent, that some of them are strained that are fake and that pose a danger to the user's pocket.

An application on a traveling frog has set off alarms in China on this issue. Called Tabi Kaeru and developed in Japan, it consists of an innocent game in which you must take care of the frog , as if it were a pet. Periodically the frog goes on a trip and on his return brings some gifts and memories of his journeys. Up to here everything in order and without more stories.

The problem arises when in the App Store China have been cast up to 30 imitating applications of the original , which is free, and also these that are not the real have an economic cost. The most popular of them has made its August in January, having raised more than $ 100,000 .

And of course. How is it possible for fake applications to lose such strict control of the App Store? It seems that Apple, and it is a speculation, that Apple outsources its process of investigation of the application store of China to third parties . And you know, the policies are relaxed.

And is that China is the largest smartphone market in the world , and therefore applications. Apple prohibits plagiarism between apps and games, something that has not been taken into account here, although fake apps have already disappeared from the Oriental App Store. Conclusion, Apple should not neglect its Chinese store, not only for the good of its users but for their own and everything that is played in an emerging market so popular and powerful .

And we leave you here below the download link of the game if you want to try them, you have nothing to fear because it is the original application .

Via | idropnews 

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