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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Telegram, out of the App Store for child pornography

As many of you will remember, Apple removed the Telegram and Telegram X apps from the App Store for offering "inappropriate content" to users.

Today, a few days later, we already know exactly why his temporary withdrawal from the App Store . The truth is that many users were scared, thinking they could not use the instant messaging application again.

Thanks to the confirmation of the authenticity of an exchange of emails between a Telegram user and Phil Schiller, we know that this "inappropriate content" was child pornography distributed in the messaging application.


Apple's explanation of the withdrawal of Telegram

In the email sent to a Telegram user, Phil Schiller explained the following:

    "The Telegram applications were removed from the App Store because the App Store team was alerted to illegal content, specifically child pornography, within the apps."

After verifying the existence of such illegal content, the team removed the applications from the App Store and notified the developer , as well as notified the authorities.

The distribution of child pornography is one of the most serious crimes on the Internet. Many of the social networks and platforms offer a great variety of digital protections to prevent the distribution of child pornography.

But it seems that the Telegram applications were not prepared in this case. Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram , wanted to publicly report on this matter:

    "We were alerted by Apple about the inappropriate content that was available to our users and both applications were removed from the App Store. Once we had the right protections we expect the apps to return to the App Store. "

Source | The Verge 

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