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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The 10 coolest things you can do with an Apple Watch

Today you will discover with us some of the possibilities that the Apple Watch offers its users so that their routine becomes a little more efficient and entertaining . There are ten things that, in our opinion, make Apple's smart watch a really reasonable purchase for iPhone users. Take a look at everything the Cupertino people have prepared for you.

Take a swim without worrying about getting your watch wet

Since the Apple Watch Series 2 arrived, it is much easier to follow our activity in all media. Thanks to its water-resistant design, both Series 2 and Series 3 , as well as all their respective editions, are capable of withstanding immersion up to 50 meters. This is especially useful for those who love to practice swimming or any aquatic discipline, since they will not have to disconnect completely to be able to jump into the water.

In addition, Apple watches, thanks to sensors such as GPS, are also perfect for those who love the freedom of open water, as it is able to follow the route, in addition to offering accurate data on it. And, no matter if you're in a pool or at sea, do not worry if you want to practice different styles, the Apple Watch can detect them and differentiate them when it comes to recording activity.
Direct your home magically with the screen or your voice

Thanks to HomeKit, the tools that Apple makes available to different manufacturers of IoT devices such as smart appliances, plugs, thermostats, locks ... users have access to a world of possibilities . Make your house more efficient, customize the behavior of the different devices so that they adapt to your needs at certain times, under certain conditions.

And, of course, you can control everything from your Apple Watch , using Siri as your intermediary , or the dedicated watch app. In any case, a couple of touches or words are enough for your house to start a set of parameters with each scene that you have previously created from your phone.

Pay your purchases with a twist of the wrist

Surely, many of you will know Apple Pay, the mobile payment system that Apple has been implanting in their devices since the launch of the iPhone 6 , and that has been a great boost for this market, which did not finish taking off despite the efforts of different competitors.

Well, if you think it's easy to pay with Apple Pay with your iPhone, you have to check for yourself as it is even more in the Apple Watch .

After configuring your compatible bank cards , you will only have to unlock the clock (if you have not already unlocked it), and press the side button a couple of times .

Now you can select from the menu of the Wallet app the card you want to use, and then you simply have to bring the Apple Watch to the NFC receiver of the POS. And if you want to pay from an app, you simply have to press the side button twice. Easier impossible

Control your car as if it were a radio control

Okay, maybe it will not reach the level of a radio control yet, but you can control all the parameters of your car if it is compatible with some of the applications that manufacturers like BMW or Mercedes-Benz put at the disposal of their customers together to other functions like CarPlay . This includes some data such as autonomy, control of doors and luggage compartments, lights, among others, which of course vary according to the vehicle manufacturer.

But this is only the beginning , the cars that will come in the near future will be prepared to receive many more complex orders, especially those that are autonomous.

For now, we will have to settle for solving small problems of day to day as it may be to know the location of the vehicle at all times, or manage the temperature of the car in advance to avoid freezing or grilling when entering it.

Forget about your remote control completely 

In relation to home automation, the truth is that, if there is a device that has been increasingly recovering its relevance in the home, it has been television. Of course, we refer of course to smart TV, and much more specifically, to Apple TV, which has taken a whole universe of applications to televisions around the world. With the Apple Watch you will not have to go look for your Siri Remote on the other side of the room, you can easily control it using the Remote app.

In addition, if you want to raise even more level, you can also make use of third-party solutions such as the Logitech Harmony Hub , which thanks to its dedicated iOS app compatible with Apple Watch, allows control not only of the TV, but also of any device that is compatible. This includes decoders, sound systems, other connected household devices such as smart bulbs ...
Manage your finances without taking your phone out of your pocket

Let's be honest, we would all love to be able to stop looking at the bank account, free ourselves completely, and use the cards as if all the money in the world was in our hands .

Unfortunately, not many can do that, and even if you belong to that group, it is very likely that you want to have your personal finances controlled even more than the rest. For this, you will have Apple Watch by your side.

The main national and international banks, such as the online bank N26 , already have, in many cases, a dedicated app for this smart watch, so you can follow the balance and your movements quickly and easily.

In addition, you will also have the possibility to easily locate nearby ATMs , in case you need some cash. And if you like the risk, there are also brokers present in the platform, so you will not have to take off even for a single second of the stock indices.
Remember that we should take care of our body a little more every day

No need to say much more, as they are constantly reminding us. Even we have also commented on how the Apple Watch can help you improve your fitness .

The point is, it does so in a way so entertaining and accessible, that anyone ends up hooking . The Activity app, together with Entreno, are a fantastic and fun solution for a sedentary lifestyle, and if you follow the advice of your Apple Watch, with time you will appreciate it.

On the other hand, if you do not like the way that Apple presents the information, you can also use the various third-party apps that are available in the App Store. From Strava for runners to Runtastic Results for those who have just enough time to exercise, you will surely find the perfect app to keep you in shape and with an iron health.

Compete for being the one who exercises the most among our friends 

And if you also have a strong competitive feeling, and you like to be the most caring among all your friends and family, you will also have the option to prove it . In addition to the tools offered by external apps, Activity also gives you the possibility to share the progress of your rings with your contacts, so you can encourage them when they are somewhat lazy or so that you feel the motivation that gives you the knowledge that you are to very little of putting you ahead.

Forget the iPhone to go for a ride on a bike or run

The freedom that gives you the Apple Watch is something that very few can match, not only do you have the possibility to continue your workouts without relying on the iPhone, but also you can leave it at home when you leave . Thanks to the GPS of Series 2 and Series 3, the watch can follow your position at any time, to offer you all the information you need to know about your training session.

In other countries, there is also the possibility of accessing a version with the ability to access mobile networks as if it were a regular normal phone, so you can use the apps and receive calls, messages or notifications of any kind with such only have coverage .

Enjoy your favorite songs anywhere 

In this case, it also has a lot to do with the possibility of leaving the iPhone out of our reach, and is that, no matter where you are, your Apple Watch can store your favorite songs and play them at any time without having to be connected. All you need is a compatible Bluetooth headset.

If you also have Apple Music contracted, with the latest versions of watchOS you can also access its large library, as well as its radios (including Beats 1, which is free for all), just by staying connected to a known Wi-Fi network, or through mobile networks if your Apple Watch is compatible.

As you can see, there are many reasons why having an Apple Watch can help you in your day to day , and every time, with every software update launched by Apple, there are more. If you want to follow all the news regarding Apple Watch and with any of Apple's mobile devices, you just have to stay by iPadizate.

And you, do you already have an Apple Watch? 

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