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Saturday, 24 February 2018

The 10 most interesting things about the interview with Tim Cook

When the boss of Apple speaks everyone puts their ears like a wolf lurking. Whatever he says, any gesture, any look can be interpreted one way or another and to tell the truth, it is not very common for Tim Cook to give interviews to the media.

But the publication Fast Company , has awarded to Apple as the most innovative company in the world and has been able to carry out an interview with Tim in which a lot of interesting information is gathered .

Tim Cook started working at Apple in 1988, and he achieved good results in the company by increasing the degree of customer satisfaction dramatically . In August 2011 he was appointed by Steve Jobs himself as his successor, a fact that would occur in October of that year after the death of the company's mentor.

And is that Cook is not only the CEO of the most influential company in the world, but also part of the board of directors of the well-known brand of sportswear Nike . Therefore, anything he says can only be received with expectation.

The 10 most relevant points of this meeting we have summarized in this article, so do not lose detail to be able to find out everything that is most important .

The 10 key points of the meeting with Tim Cook

  •     Tim is completely convinced that Apple is able to have a good year of sales if it manages to manufacture products that make people's lives easier , leaving a little aside the cravings for making money like making people feel good with their devices. .
  •     Apple innovates, in fact begins to prepare any product much earlier than you think, and does not wait to see what the competition does to get amazing things out of the hat. The good things make you wait.
  •     Tim Cook is not at all a fan of the quarterly results, because he thinks that 90 days are not enough to assess the success of a product.
  •     He is convinced and so he believes that Arkit applications have a lot of scope and will be very important in the short term .
  •     The anticipation is key for the company of the bitten apple, in fact it is already preparing and designing devices that will go on sale in the year 2020 . One of the cases could be the famous virtual reality helmet .

  •      Although Tim can not read all the emails that customers send him, he does it with a large part of them, because he thinks listening to the base is the key to developing in the future , having contact with reality and knowing what the people demand.
  •     Apple wants to be on the wave of all technological advances, even though they have negative consequences. He had the example of the use of mobile phones and driving , which has led them to develop the iOS 11 function " Do not disturb while driving ".
  •     Referring to the music, Tim Cook says that " we are not in this for the money ". And is that Apple Music aims to climb positions as a reference in an authentic nightclub in streaming , but taking its best side when supporting artists.
  •     In reference to the latest release, that of the HomePod speaker, says that his company has focused on the quality of sound , since " part of the fun of music is in listening to the full sound ", which would not be possible with a loudspeaker more economical and that would have cheapened costs in this point.
  •     Finally, the CEO of Apple believes that the work of the company is a very substantive issue. Think that the company is a very large group of people who are trying to do things for a better world . Companies like yours, he thinks, can change the world. 

Be that as it may, Apple is a reference company. Criticized by many and praised by others yes it is true that it is always on the cover , and that the introduction into the daily life of many of the technology that develops has succeeded in changing the habits of consumers.

What do you think of Cook's words? Do you think that Apple is willing to provide changes globally? We await your comments.

Via | iphonehacks 

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