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Thursday, 22 February 2018

The 12 most famous patents of Apple

The industry does not stop thinking and does so in two projections: the first is how to earn more and more money and become a successful company, and the second is how to get a device to something that does not have competition . The order of these factors may vary, but everything a device has comes from a patent.

Apple has always been characterized by innovation, sometimes generating a great controversy. We have the idea of removing the classic headphone jack input , something that has curiously ended up being imposed on companies that were very critical with this system. Or the commotion that supposed to eliminate the connector of 30 pins for iPhone, that stopped having existence with the iPhone 5.

So today we are going to review 12 of the best known patents of the Californian brand , so let's get on the time machine and remember those that had more depth among users.

Slide to block

Certainly in modern devices is no longer usual, but the gesture of moving your finger to the right on the screen is something we have internalized. What is not true is that it involved a battle between Apple and Samsung with $ 120 million in favor of the Americans .


Something as simple as pinching the surface of the screen to enlarge a photo was the result of Jobs' personal commitment to the original iPhone . A gesture that would change without hesitation the way to interact with the devices.

Quick links

You have seen them on your iphone, when browsing a website in Safari you will see a phone number and when you press it you can call directly . It was part of the first patent to which we have referred, and that Samsung ended up losing.

3D Touch

A gesture often little used , but which is very useful when performing some tasks . He debuted in 2015 with the 6S series of iPhones and consists of two gestures, peek and pop .

Apple Pencil

Despite the reluctance that Jobs had about the optical pens, his entry into the iPad Pro has made the task of taking notes and write a different experience, which undoubtedly enhances and improves productivity .

The 3 Air

We talked about how to share files, AirDrop, print, AirPrint, and finally, connect devices, AirPlay. Wireless technology in a hyperconnected world , once you start working in this way there is no turning back.

Crown of the Apple Watch

The company of the bitten apple hit patented this tiny element , and is the main input device for Apple Watch . It can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise, and can be pressed.

True Tone and Night Shift

Apple wants your eyes do not get fatigued so much with the screens of your devices, becoming a different tone that resembles paper . And Nigth Shit adjusts the warmth of the screen at night. You can configure it in Settings> Display and Brightness.

Touch ID

It came with the iPhone 5s, and it looked like science fiction. It continues to be a very safe and effective biometric identification system , in fact a large part of the users are more confident with it than with Face ID .

Face ID and TrueDepth

Both complement each other, and Apple's Face ID patent dates back to 2013. Face ID is a quick identification system that has given a lot to talk about, either because of the attempts to deceive them or because of the novelty that the brand represented .

Lightning connection

It arrived in 2012 and banished the 30-pin wide connection, introducing more power in the iPad (12 W) and the ability to have a reversible connection , which is quite a wonder. It has become a classic .

MagSafe connection

Apple's way of getting your MacBook loaded in a magnetic and safe way (hence its name), and that prevents you from stumbling over the cable, your brand new computer of more than 1,000 euros ends up on the floor .

And although Apple registers a lot of patents per year, in 2016 there were more than 2,000, what do you think is missing from this list? Leave us your comment.

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