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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The 2018 iPhone should copy these 4 things from the Samsung Galaxy S9

We had been hearing rumors about the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + for months and finally we saw them in all their glory yesterday . I have to say: I loved them and I think they are some phones that are going to make it very difficult for Apple and their iPhone X until September.

Apple and Samsung present their phones as distant as possible in time and no, it is not casual: this way they avoid that their technologies are overshadowed by their maximum rival and also their phones can be found at a better price thanks to offers or the typical devaluation of the market Android

Bearing in mind that Apple designs its projects with years of margin , obviously with 6 months to go before the September keynote, the 2018 iPhones have to be in the oven. However, there is always time for small tweaks .

Despite the continuation line of the Samsung Galaxy S9, the new range top of the South Koreans offer features that Apple should take good note to overcome this year .

A more powerful processor

We have been saying for some time that the current smartphone chips have already reached the top . It is clear that with the Augmented Reality there is potential, but with high end terminals in recent years our phones were already flowing, you had an iPhone 7 or a Samsung Galaxy S7.

But technological innovation does not stop and manufacturers always want more: more power, more performance, less consumption ... things that the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 provides. We have seen benchmarks that classify it as better than the A11 Bionico of the iPhone X and others as worse .

We do not care: it is clear that Apple will present the A12 this year and that it will be more powerful than any other .

Maybe Apple would do well to target the internal storage expansion of the Samsung Galaxy S9 up to 400 GB , something that iOS users deeply envy.

The best screen on the market

If there is something that Samsung can take out , that's their screens. If OLED is an absolute trend in the market, it is thanks to its Super AMOLED panels that it integrates into its devices but also distributes to other manufacturers such as Apple.

In fact, interestingly the iPhone X has a Samsung display that offered more quality than the Note8 . In the absence of being able to prove it in depth, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have taken note of it, giving a twist more .

So Apple only has to cross their fingers so that Samsung will continue to offer the best of the market or to praise LG and Japan Display to stop relying on their biggest rival .

Anyway, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has QHD + resolution, or what is the same, 2,960 x 1,440 pixels, which provide screen densities of 570ppp in the S9 and 530ppp in the S9 Plus.

But in addition to good, the screen of the Samsung is beautiful and its infinite edges that never cause a sigh . Notch can not say the same, although we have learned to appreciate that particularity of the iPhone X.

Optical revolution: variable focal length + AI

Last year the optical bet of the iPhone X came out regulero . Let me explain: Yes, it is one of the best terminals in the market in this regard but the Google Pixel 2 XL ahead of the right with a single lens and artificial intelligence.

Samsung has finally endorsed the dual camera for the Plus model as Apple had already done, but now it's time for Californians to keep an eye on the Koreans. And is that in addition to implementing smarter lenses, Apple should join that marvel is the variable focal length , which will enable that with a single touch we can adjust the focal length for all situations. And since we are, no one doubts that the 2018 iPhone will also reach 960 fps.

Of course, given to continue taking references, the Sony Xperia XZ2 and its 4K resolution has also fallen in love with us.

Face ID and ... fingerprint reader on the screen?

Here the battle is served. Apple has said goodbye to the Touch ID in favor of an accurate Face ID, but with much room for improvement. This has aroused certain envies, which have resulted in Samsung reinforcing its facial recognition through Intelligent Scan .

Perfect. But yesterday a Samsung executive pointed out that the fingerprint reader is still the favorite biometric method of many users , as well as being the most popular.

Here the doubt is clear: we know that Apple will reinforce the Face ID, but will it reintroduce the fingerprint reader in its devices? And if so, will he do it on the screen as he initially wanted? Is it reiterative to have two biometric security systems and prefer to focus only on one? 

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