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Saturday, 3 February 2018

The AirPods, to debate: Do they cause a headache?

There is no doubt that Apple's AirPords have meant a change in the way of listening to music. It is true that they are not the first wireless headphones and generated an expectation, which coupled with a delay in their production, which made them receive at first not very good reviews.

At first that if the high of its price, what to do if you lost one , the quality of its sound and a long etcetera. What is clear is that they have managed to gain a place among wearables and those who have the luck to own some do nothing but praise their qualities.

But everything is not going to work wonders, since recently there are some complaints from users and that refers that Cupertino headphones cause headaches , which is not the case with traditional cable headphones.

And not only are headaches, there are even those who cause mild nausea. The issue is no longer whether the Air Box are the cause of these evils, but the radiation that can be associated with a device that is wireless and that is placed in an area very close to the brain. It is not the first time that they have reported on cases of people with extreme sensitivity to this type of radiation.

And despite the fact that there are scientists who think that these types of waves are completely harmful in the long term , since the Cupertino company they hide their comments that their products meet very high safety standards and that there should be no risk to when to use them

In addition to that, it would be interesting to know if users who suffer from this problem with AirPods report it also for other models of wireless headphones , although at the moment there is no news about it. Have you suffered from migraine problems when using them? Tell us in comments. 

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