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Friday, 23 February 2018

The Animojis, authentic stars of the Brit Awards

They have already been the BRIT Awards, and although it is not our specialty to talk about this type of awards in CP, today we do it thanks to Apple .

The Cupertino have launched a new ad that was presented during the broadcast of the awards on television. In addition, this video was also uploaded to your YouTube channel so that we can all enjoy it. In this announcement we see the return of the famous Animoji Karaoke .

Animojis and Apple Music

Being this a gala that rewards the highest of the musical world - and probably much more just than the Grammys - Apple could not let the occasion pass. In addition to launching the various ads to promote the Animojis and their iPhone X, they have also created a playlist on Apple Music with all the winners of the ceremony.

In the new announcement called simply as Panda we can listen to Royal Blood's Lights Out as the main song. In addition, although the name indicates it, the panda's Animoji will not be the only one that will appear in the video.
Professionally made videos

Although this announcement makes it seem that any user can record a video like this, it has actually been animated professionally by Apple. Currently, the Animojis function in iMessage only allows us to record up to 10 seconds of video. On the other hand, we see that there are several protagonists in the same video, which we can not do either -at least not currently-.

Apple has not given up on the Animojis. In addition to advertising them every time they can, we also see that you have introduced 4 new characters in iOS 11.3: a dragon, a bear, a skull and a lion, and also seem to intend to integrate them into FaceTime with the arrival of iOS 12.

Although the Animojis are no longer in every corner of the internet, we still seem a curious function integrated by Apple on your iPhone X. Some time ago the Cupertino also launched an Animoji Karaoke for the Grammys, click here to go to those ads .

Who have been your favorite winners of the BRIT Awards? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | 9to5Mac

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