The Apple Park: a headache (literal) for its workers -


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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Apple Park: a headache (literal) for its workers

The dream of Steve Jobs , the founder of Apple, to have a headquarters that was able to leave with the mouth to someone who visited it has come true. And we are talking about Apple Park, an impressive complex that is the headquarters of the company's employees .

Although this headquarters, whose construction has not yet been completed, has been carried out taking into account all possible details, from the interaction of this with the environment with 80 percent of green areas, to its communication with the public transport system.

Who this campus brings with a real headache however is its employees. And the pain is in the strict sense of the word , since being a complex of open spaces and the walls and doors are glass, the clashes of employees clueless with them are the order of the day.

So much so that the workers of the complex have to be sticking post-it on the walls and doors of the place to warn and thus avoid falling again in one blow. And the fact is that the majority of people who work there do it in front of a screen, and leave their workstation in their device, either an iPhone or iPad, which is a perfect cocktail to end a bump.

And that temporary solution in the form of a note stuck to a glass wall is ephemeral , the employees cleaning the complex remove them every day to keep the aesthetic of the place logically, with which each day it starts again. The worst of the case is that Apple could be violating the labor laws of the state of California , which specifies that work environments must be properly marked and protected.

So although the aesthetics of a place is impressive, which certainly is, the employees have to walk with feet of lead in an environment that is not friendly with their health. 

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