The Apple Watch beats the Fitbit bracelet for the first time in its history -


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Friday, 16 February 2018

The Apple Watch beats the Fitbit bracelet for the first time in its history

The Apple Watch was introduced in September 2014 by Tim Cook in the keynote of that year. Finally we had to wait until April of the following year to have it with us, and the doubts began. Not because nobody thought that the product was going to be a resounding failure , but because it was thought that Californians should perhaps devote themselves to the iPhone, iPad and computers.

And although with somewhat hesitant beginnings, in Cupertino they were shaping a device in a very successful way, the secret has been to guide the sports sector and health , a concern for users eager to have control over their physical activity.

And we have known that the Apple Watch has managed to outperform Fitbit in terms of annual sales , an important issue for the portable device of Apple, especially when it has taken into account the entire range of products of Fitbit, which has many devices reduced price.

Apple's wearable has had so much impact among consumers that it is able to sell more than the entire Swiss watch industry , which is no small thing. And is that 8 million units in a single quarter , the last of 2017, is not trivial matter.

And the Apple Watch is on a roll. Its latest revision, the 3 Series that allows LTE calls, is likely to attract a lot of people eager to complement the convenience of having a communicative element on the wrist .

The CEO of the company has already emphasized the need to orient this device towards health, physical wellbeing and activity , something that is a priority and almost a matter of state in developed countries, with outrageous rates of obesity and diabetes .

    For the first time, #Apple shipped more Apple Watches in 4Q2017, than the entire Swiss Watch Industry shipped watches! Apple is the biggest watchmaker in the world #AppleWatch
    - Francisco Jeronimo (@fjeronimo) February 4, 2018

Via | idownloadblog 

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