The Apple Watch is sold more than ever -


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Friday, 2 February 2018

The Apple Watch is sold more than ever

The beginnings of Apple as a company focused on the sale of computers. In 2007, a real bombshell hit the exit of the iPhone, a device that changed the concept of the telephone at that time.

And it is that the company of the bitten apple seems to have found a vein in the category of articles that are neither computers, tablets or telephones . Although these already in itself sold almost alone, the Apple Watch is assuming a sales revolution for the Cupertino.

And is that the series 3 , which was presented and put on sale last year, is working dramatically . So much so that they are selling twice as many watches in this series as the one that preceded it.

And is that in addition to that, who buys the Apple watch often also end up biting both AirPods or Beats headphones that are so fashionable, and which has just presented a latest model, the UNDEFEATED . This combination of clock and wireless sound device is selling 70 percent more than the previous year.

And is that so far this year, Apple is breaking records of sales in this segment of items, which is already the third source of income for the company in California . Last year, 4 billion dollars were added in the first quarter due to sales of Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPod and AirPods .

And is that since April 24, 2015, when the most desired watch came to light, Apple has been evolving and in its latest version changes are already both external and a very important inside: the ability to send and receive calls , an improved Siri thanks to its processor and better audio quality. So, long life to the Apple Watch! 

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