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Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Apple Watch, the new archenemy of the emergency lines

Both the iPhone and Apple Watch have relatively recently a feature that allows them to access a scheduled emergency routine by which the device sends its location to predefined contacts, and makes a call to the emergency services of each country, In addition to blocking access to the device through Touch ID or Face ID, making it necessary to use the code. This is a function that can really save lives, but in this case, it bothers more than help.

And, to access the emergency mode from Apple Watch, the process is so simple that we can activate it without even realizing it. We just have to hold down the side button of the Dock and start and automatically start a countdown that is accompanied by a beautiful siren that can scare anyone and make them cover a possible unexpected nuclear attack. The point is, it is shooting more than the bill without people noticing.

Yes, it seems impossible that people do not realize that an emergency alarm is sounding from their watch and that it is vibrating in a completely abnormal way, but there is nothing that can not be camouflaged with a good volume level and a list somewhat noisy reproduction. These accidental calls are getting to the point that, every week, some of the US emergency services centers are receiving around 10 calls from the clock .

Of course, this is something really important that should not go unnoticed, as each call may be delaying the performance of the security forces . However, we can not say that the solution is to deactivate the automatic call, since it could be necessary at some point. The main thing is that we must pay attention to our clock, and avoid, as far as possible, press the buttons accidentally to not activate these functions.

And you, have you come to activate this function without wanting to?

Via | Newsweek 

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