The Apple Watch saves a mother and her son after an accident -


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Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Apple Watch saves a mother and her son after an accident

Technology exists to serve the human being. That was his initial purpose and to this day it remains. However, this has been twisting a bit and humans have come to serve technology. This is why we get excited when we hear that this kind of stories, although tragic, ended with a happy ending thanks to the new gadgets that surround us.

The latest news is that the Apple Watch has saved a mother and her son after having suffered a traffic accident because of a drunk driver. Keep reading to find out more!

The Apple Watch and SOS Emergency

The Apple Watch helped Kacie Anderson and her baby out of an accident that could have ended badly. Thanks to the SOS Emergency function that can be found on the smart watch, the woman was able to call the authorities to report her status.

Kacie stated that she has been using her Apple Watch for a few years for the lacrosse and basketball of which she is a part. However, he said he had never had to use the SOS Emergency feature on his Apple Watch.
A traumatic experience

According to the woman's words, "at the moment when he hit us all in the car, he flew through the air. My face hit the steering wheel, then against the headrest and then against the steering wheel again, to finally hit the window. I fainted for a moment and could not see anything, although my eyes were wide open. My hands searched for my phone and I remembered that I had my Apple Watch and ordered it to call 911. "

Although Kacie's son only suffered some scratches, the woman did not run with the same fate. Kacie stated that "the ambulance arrived and they immediately put me on a stretcher and stabilized my neck and back. I had a severe concussion that caused confusion and dizziness for several weeks , and drained my nose and ears because my brain was inflamed. My neck had two broken muscles, and now I have two bulging discs for which I am still seeking treatment. "

The SOS Emergency function arrived in 2016 to the iPhone and Apple Watch. With this feature you can tell the authorities and your nearest circle that you are in a dangerous situation. In addition, your family and selected friends will receive a message with your current location.

All this you can do with a single button, it is super simple to carry out on both devices and can also save your life as is the case of Kacie and her little boy.

Have you ever had to use the SOS Emergency option? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | 9to5Mac 

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