The Apple Watch sells more than the entire Swiss watch industry -


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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Apple Watch sells more than the entire Swiss watch industry

When the Apple Watch went on sale, the smart watch market was still trying to consolidate, convincing users that they were really necessary products, and not a simple dispensable accessory. As has been seen as time has gone by, the manufacturers have not achieved their goal, and the vast majority of smart watch platforms are being completely displaced, however, there is one big exception .

If there is a smartwatch that users have accepted with enough enthusiasm to make it viable, it is the Apple Watch, the first product that Apple has been treated more like a fashion product , in the same style as watches traditional, coming to create a varied selection of models as we have taught previously that little by little have made an important gap in such an old market.

If you follow our blog, you will have seen that previously we have dedicated a post to the clock talking about the sales of the same, but today has been when it has been clear the impact it has had over time. Thanks to the information shared by the analysis firm Canalys, we have learned that Apple Watch could have surpassed the income of the combined Swiss watch industry .

Of course, all these data are born of speculation, given that Apple does not share Apple Watch numbers , but combines them with other products in the "Other Products" category when publishing the quarterly results. However, it is not difficult to get used to the idea that Apple has already been able to overcome the main watch industry, given that in the last conference they were the ones who indicated that they were the first brand in sales.

And you, have you fallen into the temptation of the Apple Watch?

Via | MacRumors 

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