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Saturday, 17 February 2018

The best apps adapted for iPhone X

 Apple has so many iPhone models of different sizes that it is difficult for developers to adapt the size of the user interface of their applications to each of them.

Fortunately, all applications in the App Store must be adapted to the iPhone X screen in April. So the most important and popular iOS apps will soon be compatible with the big screen of this terminal.

In this list, we will recommend a series of applications that have better adapted the user interface to the screen size of Apple's iPhone X.

The applications that have best adapted to the iPhone X screen


The most popular streaming video application in the world is already perfectly compatible with the iPhone X screen, and it looks great.


Spark is an email management application that has also adapted its user interface to the size of the iPhone X's very long screen.


Another of the best adapted apps for iPhone X is Deliveroo , a complete app for ordering food at home.

Telegram X

Telegram X, the dark mode version of the messaging app, has also adapted perfectly to the iPhone X screen.


PayPal, the mobile payments and financial management app, received compatibility with the iPhone X and is one of the best adapted.


Timepage, a calendar application for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. This app was updated with iPhone X compatibility recently and has been luxury.


We continue with the games, this time Reigns, a fantastic title that tells an interesting story in which only you will be the protagonist.

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2, the delivery that plays with visual perception and optical illusions is also compatible with the iPhone X. And how spectacular it looks!


Tengami is another of the best games in the history of iOS, a title set in Japan that has some very creative and very well crafted puzzles .

Super Mario Run

Finally, how could it be otherwise, Super Mario Run is another of the games that has best adapted its interface to iPhone X. 

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