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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The best vitamin apps for your iPhone and iPad

Spotify, Snapchat, WhatsApp ... All these are very good applications, they work correctly and when they have an error this is usually corrected quickly. In general, the user experience is very good, but what if we told you that you can improve it even more ?

In this article we leave you the best vitamin applications for your iPhone and iPad. After trying these versions of WhatsApp, Snapchat and Spotify, we are sure you will not want to go back to their normal versions. Keep reading to know more!

Spotify ++

Spotify ++ is pretty clear on what you want to achieve. Although we do not support piracy in any of its presentations, this application allows us to listen to all the music we want completely free of charge .

In addition, with Spotify ++ we can skip all the songs that we want without any kind of limitation. It's like having a Premium account without having it. On the other hand, we can not download the songs, just listen to them while we are connected to the internet.

In this article we leave you the detailed steps and with your own captures so you can download this application on your iOS device.
WhatsApp ++

With this curious alternate version of WhatsApp, in addition to having more than one account on our iPhone, we can also modify the application as we want . We can change the color of the application, put themes, change the settings of the stories and many others that you will have to discover.

Download and install WhatsApp ++ following the steps we leave you in this article that we wrote some time ago.
Snapchat ++

Snapchat ++ also adds many new features that we do not find in the default application. Among the most important are: to be able to deactivate the alerts when we make a screen capture, deactivate the "seen" in the messages, and edit the photos in a more advanced way.

There are other functions too, but if you want to discover them, you'd better try the app . Just follow the steps we give you in this article .

As a time, your experience with iOS apps may be even better than it already is . With these versions of your favorite applications you can get much more out of all its features, in addition to being able to count on others that we would not normally have.

Download them all by clicking on their respective link.

What do you think of these three vitamin apps? Leave us your answer in the comments! 

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