The bodyguard: an iPhone receives a bullet intended for its owner -


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Monday, 5 February 2018

The bodyguard: an iPhone receives a bullet intended for its owner

How many times have we taken our phone in our hands while we sighed thinking about everything that helps us that little gadget. And sometimes it makes our lives easier and others directly saves our lives . Well, in the case that we tell you today, this last task is literal: an iPhone 7 Plus has saved the life of its owner by protecting it from a bullet impact. It has happened outside of Charleston, in West Virginia.

The name of the lucky one is Anthony Kaufman, a person who had put his computer on sale on a second-hand sales platform. After speaking with an interested party, he stayed with the possible buyer in a parking lot last Wednesday at 10:40. Before leaving the car, he kept his iPhone in the right pocket of his jeans , a minor detail that would later become crucial.

As Kaufman explains, he had been talking to the buyer for about two weeks, but he did not have the 1,200 euros that Antohny was asking for, so they decided to postpone the agreement. Anyone who has sold their stuff in places like Wallapop knows perfectly well that these practices are the order of the day . Not to mention the curious ones that make you dizzy and then disappear from nowhere. Or those who make paltry offers.

When he arrived, Kaufman invited him to enter his car to show him the computer better and, in passing, to protect himself from the cold. Suddenly, the buyer pulled out a gun and unleashed panic . They struggled and Anthony tried to remove him in the weapon, but during the process he shot himself a couple of times, hitting the hip area of ​​our protagonist and in the window.

The suspect fled in a car that had two other people who are also being investigated and Anthony obviously looked terrified in search of a bullet wound. ** There was a hole in his pants but surprisingly, he was not injured **: his iPhone 7 Plus had protected him from the shot.

The police have opened an investigation to try to locate the suspect. At the moment no one has been arrested yet and fortunately, Anthony did not need to go to the hospital. Worse luck ran his iPhone, which did not survive the incident .

Via | iDropnews 

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