The camera of the iPhone X is so good that it causes furor in China -


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Friday, 2 February 2018

The camera of the iPhone X is so good that it causes furor in China

Apple continues to promote its new jewel, the iPhone X , this time with a commercial spot entitled "Three Minutes . " In this announcement, the company of the bitten apple highlights the capabilities of its camera to celebrate the New Year in China.

From Apple have described this curious and spectacular commercial spot such that:

    "If your family reunion only lasted three minutes ... what would you do? A unique story for the Chinese New Year captured on iPhone X by director Peter Chan. "

The new commercial of the iPhone X is still as moving as the rest of Apple's ads . It tells the story of a train driver in China who only has three minutes to meet her son on New Year's Day.

The new year in China will be held on February 16, and Apple has been promoting this important date knowing that the Asian country is of vital importance in its marketing strategies.

Tim Cook has recently shared some photographs of consumers who have captured with his iPhone.

    Gorgeous #ShotoniPhone photos from around the world taken by lukeshadbolt in Niseko, Japan, @Izkiz in Cappadocia, Turkey and @sarakhanov in Myhove, Ukraine #iPhoneX
    - Tim Cook (@tim_cook) January 31, 2018

The filming of movies and other types of videos with iPhone has increased considerably in recent years . Partly thanks to Apple marketing. Improvements in the camera hardware of their devices continue to amaze professional photographers, camera operators and film directors.

The new commercial spot "Tres Minutos" highlights the improvements that Apple has incorporated in image stabilization, color accuracy and sharpness.

Via | 9to5mac 

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