The employee who leaked the iOS source code wanted to accelerate the iOS 11 Jailbreak -


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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The employee who leaked the iOS source code wanted to accelerate the iOS 11 Jailbreak

A few days ago Apple had to come to the fore to explain that the filtering of the source code of iOS 9 did not affect the security of their devices thanks to numerous layers implemented on the hardware and software .

However, despite the fact that in theory it is not a threat, it required its withdrawal from the internet. And although iOS 9 is more than two years old, there are security implications that could not be seen by anyone. In theory at stake were such serious vulnerabilities iPhone and iPad, attacks by hackers and jailbreak .

Well, it seems that the employee who revealed the biggest leak in the history of Apple did it because the community that works to achieve the Jailbreak encouraged him to do so .

According to Motherboard research, this employee leaked the code in 2016 to 5 people . Not that he was a disenchanted worker with his company, he simply wanted to pass it on to friends who were interested in iOS security for the iOS 11 jailbreak .

Objective Jailbreak

The initial plan was for this leak to be between the friends , but you know how it is, sometimes it just gets out of hand and someone passes it to another person outside the circle and you can not stop distributing it.

One of his friends explains:

    He was quite paranoid about who had leaked it. Having the source code and not being inside Apple is weird.

Another friend talks about the upset:

    Personally I never wanted the code to see The Light of the day because it would represent legal problems. But the community around Apple is full of curious people and teenagers eager to learn. He knew that if he reached one of them, they would upload it to the internet.

Obviously, they were afraid of the consequences , not only legal, but of the stability of the iOS ecosystem:

    It is a weapon. It may be good that this code has been leaked for certain purposes, but when it violates someone's personal security, it is not.

And so much so. Fortunately, the leak was made public a year later, when someone left the language and passed the code. It could have been much worse in 2016 .

According to Motherboard, Apple knew about the leak long before it got on Github. The employee who made the filtration has signed a confidentiality agreement, refusing to discuss the matter. Pretty has already released . 

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