The first reviews confirm it: the HomePod is the definitive speaker -


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Thursday, 8 February 2018

The first reviews confirm it: the HomePod is the definitive speaker

Although there are only 2 days to go before some lucky people have HomePod in their hands - remember that this is the list of countries where it will be for sale at the moment - some Apple experts have already had the opportunity to try HomePod , the new and intelligent speaker of the bitten apple.

With HomePod , Apple opens a new market in which Amazon, Google or even Sony have already hit first. Apple is late, but maybe the wait was worth it . In the absence of the user can have it in their hands and value it, this is the opinion of expert voices internationally.

At the moment we know that Apple has focused a lot on the musical experience , but that its smart speaker has certain disadvantages with respect to the competition , among them, initially its limited ecosystem, compatibility and its price has been highlighted.

New York Times

The New York Times is going hard and the HomePod flotation zone highlighting its price: $ 349, almost triple that of its competitors, something that makes it difficult for them to recommend.

    Siri's HomePod does not work even as on the iPhone

Without half measures, the North American newspaper indicates that Siri is not at the height beyond providing some interaction . And today, Alexa and Google Assistant are ahead of Apple's virtual assistant. And it is more, they assure that it works worse than in the iPhone.
Wall Street Journal

For the WSJ , if you have Apple Music, you should not think twice : HomePod is the best for you, although again insist on the price and virtual assistants.

And is that the Sonos One comes with Alexa and soon you can even select Google Assistant, you can also use Apple Music with it and it costs half that HomePod.

It is sharp about the intelligence of HomePod . So, he dares to say:

    If you are looking for the smartest smart speaker, it is not the HomePod.

But if you're a musical sybarite , reconsider it.
The Verge

According to the popular website The Verge , the HomePod is a remarkable gadget that makes music sound better than any other smart speaker on the market .

But if you do not live in an ecosystem made entirely by Apple and do not prioritize sound above all, The Verge recommends other smart speakers that sound almost as good but offer more services .

From CNET it is pointed directly to its virtual assistant and its shortcomings . And is that today, Siri is behind Alexa or Google Assistant .

    Siri does not know how to make jokes, play games or turn on an Apple TV!

Siri is left behind and that in a smart speaker, it shows . Tasks such as turning on an Apple TV, putting your favorite Netflix program, etc., are undermined by Siri's limitations. Also, HomePod does not support making direct calls or setting an appointment in the calendar.

To make matters worse, as you have Android gadgets, you can forget about them. CNET also insist on something: Apple has not yet enabled the much needed stereo and multiromm with AirPlay 2 .

In iMore they are not so hard and they simply say that the HomePod is not perfect . It has limitations and will make happy those users with an Apple ecosystem, fulfilling their expectations. In addition, as Apple's password, configure and use it is incredibly simple. And again your incredible sound quality is highlighted.

Again, TechCrunch also remembers the Apple ecosystem, recommending it above all to those users who have hired Apple Music - or will have it -, are demanding in the section of audio quality and love Apple's design: simplicity and minimalism to power

We finish our review with the Buzzfeed website, which is not very benevolent with HomePod either. In fact they launch one of the toughest criticisms we have read :

    The HomePod does not take into account how people want to use smart speakers.

Yes, it works great in the orbit of Apple , but not outside it. That is, in the real world where people have Android or Spotify phones. Demolition Man. For Buzzfeed, that's the difference between a good intelligent speaker and a great one.


It is clear that until I have HomePod in my hands, I will not be able to launch an informed opinion, but as always, it will depend on your personal circumstances .

We already know that its design is exquisite and has the incredible experience of use that Apple provides , which is a guarantee. The still absence of AirPlay 2 is forgivable, although it is a matter of time that Apple will implement it in an update soon.

    And is that the HomePod is the ultimate smart speaker ... if your ecosystem is 100% Apple.

However, it is not compatible with Android or Spotify if they are compelling reasons to think twice about its acquisition. Of course, if your ecosystem is Apple and you have opted for Apple Music instead of Spotify , do not think twice and buy the best speaker from the point of view of sound. 

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