The HomePod is heard worse than the competition, say the users -


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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The HomePod is heard worse than the competition, say the users

Although HomePod convinced musical experts for the quality of its sound, its audio does not seem to match its competitors. Consumers have evaluated the device in a series of tests and have concluded that Google Home Max and Sonos One have better sound quality than Apple's smart speaker.

Interestingly, HomePod received very good ratings regarding the quality of its sound. But Sonos One and Google Home Max have a higher score in Consumer Reports.

The HomePod smart speaker from the company of the bitten apple went on sale just a week ago in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The audio quality of HomePod does not surpass its rivals

From Consumer Reports they indicate that their speaker tests are performed in a special listening room , with experienced professionals who compare the sound quality of each model with great precision.

In the case of HomePod, the experts found a couple of problems. First, the basses were too powerful , while the midtones were very weak.

"The HomePod will be good for music fans, but the test experts found some small flaws. The HomePod basses sound very powerful and over emphasized. The midtones were very weak, implying that some of the instrumental nuances had been lost. These elements of the music could not be heard as clearly as in the other speakers with better score. "

Even so, HomePod still has great sound quality. But its competitors, in this aspect, continue to have an advantage. What do you think about Apple's HomePod and its audio?

Via | Macrumors 

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