The iPhone increases the gap with Samsung and is approaching a sales supercycle -


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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The iPhone increases the gap with Samsung and is approaching a sales supercycle

A few days ago we published an article that gave an idea of ​​the enormous weight of Apple in the smartphone industry, and that Apple achieved approximately 50% of the global income of the smartphone industry , come on, that of every dollar we invest in buying a mobile, more than half goes to Apple . And that without the manufacturer that more mobiles sell.

This study, originally developed by Strategy Analytics, returns overwhelming conclusions for the rest: Apple enters three and seven times more respectively than Samsung and Huawei , which are second and third on this list.

Well, today we echo a new study of Counterpoint so that we continue to be open-mouthed with the ancestry of Apple .

Perhaps the most surprising result is that the gap with Samsung continues to grow, favoring the bitten apple . And it is that everything indicates that Apple would be about to enter a supercycle sales, yes, will not take place this year hand in hand with the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

At the doors of a supercycle?

During the last quarter of 2017 we could already see how Apple generated massive revenues, rather than selling many units, to raise the price of new iPhone models . We have already spoken before that globally, although there are more than 500 brands that sell mobile, Apple half of the benefits.

However, this percentage varies by regions, reaching an overwhelming 75.6% in North America or 57% in Europe . On the other side of the scale are areas such as Latin America, Africa or China, the dark object of desire of Apple. But the global is clear: Apple crushes the competition in terms of benefits.

Neil Shah, director of research at Counterpoint, is clear about this:

    Even though it is expected that Apple does not change these quotas in 2018, Apple is already well positioned this year to achieve a "Super Income Cycle" that will take the iPhone to record levels.

The second reading will be even more painful: this brutal weight of Apple in the smartphone industry does nothing but grow . And is that the gap with Samsung continues to increase in terms of benefits every year.

Why does Apple enter more money each year?

Apple is raising the price of their iPhone every year, but it is not an exclusive strategy of the bitten apple , in fact it was Samsung who dared to open the club of the smartphone of the thousand euros with its Samsung Galaxy Note8. This 2018 tonic promises to be similar, although we already know the launch price of the imminent Samsung Galaxy s9 .

Among the main reasons to achieve these high percentages is that consumers are willing to pay more money for the new iPhone models that come to light every year because we believe that this gadget is increasingly important in our lives.

In addition, users understand that the current situation caused by the frequent bugs of iOS 11 or the latest communication problems of Apple, which have brought affaires such as the batterygate or more recently the stains left by the HomePod on furniture , do not tarnish a bright trajectory .

Apple offers a user experience and design that satisfies consumers , so they repeat. Apple is synonymous with satisfaction. If you are going to invest a thousand euros, you want your phone to meet expectations, and here Apple does not fail.

Many may consider that the shortage of iPhone models in the face of the immensity of Android constitute a weakness, but it is not: Apple currently has for sale the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone SE and iPhone 6s in various capacities of storage and in the standard and Plus versions, which guarantees an optimal spectrum and more than enough for users. There's more iPhone on the market than ever!

However, as we have seen in the rumors of the iPhone of 2018, Apple plans to further diversify the offer , both with sizes and technical characteristics . 

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