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Sunday, 25 February 2018

The new iPhone could carry a Force Touch side button

For many of us it may seem that Apple goes with some caution when it comes to adapting some news. It was in 2017 when OLED panels were implemented , when many of its competitors have been using them for years, and of course, Apple seems to be innovative when doing it.

In another order of things, it was in 2016 when the Cupertino company registered a patent for which reference was made to an iPhone with side screens . If you find it hard to imagine, think of some mini panels on the edges of the device, and that could hold buttons that perform functions.

For this to be possible, it should be mounted on a panel with curved edges , which Apple also has a patent. Although this week has been an update of this technology that could give indications of where future designs may go , receiving this type of side panel called Force Touch.

Apple's latest patent focuses almost exclusively on the glass of the side wall, which Apple explains is not only able to detect the pressure with the fingers but, more importantly, is able to measure the force with which it is Apply the pressure. Does not it remind you of the 3D Touch?

There would also be a technology with an integrated haptic engine , which as you know, is responsible for sending small pulses in the start button of some iPhone models when you perform some functions. A mini engine that would send vibrations in these tiny panels, in fact it would be very comfortable depending on what functions to use.

Like any patent, it is a mystery that Apple will take them back to take them into reality in future models, although it is significant that steps are taken in this regard. Even the technology of folding screens, which we have talked about on occasion , may materialize soon or is it too early?

Do you think we'll see an iPhone with Force Touch on the side?

Via | idropnews 

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