The new thing of Apple is a plan against cyber attacks -


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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The new thing of Apple is a plan against cyber attacks

Security is an issue that not only concerns Apple, but any company that prides itself on offering products that are difficult to violate . For example, operating systems tend to be increasingly secure and difficult to break, although there are always exceptions.

For this same reason, Apple Monday announced the decision to ally with some leading companies in various sectors to avoid, or minimize damage, in the case of cyber attacks. Cisco, Aon, and Allianz are the companies that will work with those in Cupertino to have safer environments.

Cisco and Apple are going to give the technology against computer threats including malware, ransomware, and the like . Aon and Allianz, on the other hand, will offer cybernetic resilience evaluation services and insurance coverage, in case of damages, against cyber attacks.

Aon, a British risk management company, will offer companies a cyber evaluation , which means that they would value how secure a company is in order to offer ways to improve it.

Cisco, for its part, will offer its Ransomware Defense product that is capable of blocking threats. " The solution includes advanced email security, the next generation of endpoint protection and the blocking of malicious internet sites sent in the cloud, to strengthen an organization's defenses against malware, ransomware, and other computer threats ," as the advertisement explains.

Apple would be responsible for hardware solutions all their devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac. In fact, the company of the bitten apple has had to amend on many occasions the security of their operating systems .

Finally Allianz would provide insurance to buyers of Apple products. As it is deduced, the idea is to offer a comprehensive service against claims of this type , which are very much in order of the day.

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