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Thursday, 15 February 2018

The next iPad could carry a USB connection

One of the factors that causes more distrust among laymen who want to enjoy an iPad is its lack of USB connection, the most popular standard of connection . In fact, whoever writes this was surprised years ago when weighing his purchase.

We have known that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has registered 46 of Apple in recent times. One of them would refer to the addition of a USB connection on the left side of the most popular tablet in the world. It was done we could see it in the next update of the device.

One of the patents collects something that could say a lot about what will be released in future updates to the iPad. It would be a notch that would house "image sensors, proximity sensors and cameras." this reminds us unfailingly to the iPhone X and something that has been talking lately, the new iPad Pro , which would have a notch to house such items .

If Apple decided to develop an iPad with these features, with TrueDepth system and facial recognition, would get the technology that already applies on the iPhone X to the iPad, a work tool that earns many in working and leisure and with the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil satisfy a huge sector of professionals.

The possibility of adding the USB connection is undoubtedly a plus to attract users who are suspicious of the iPad because it lacks precisely this element. The company with see in Cupertino, California, has always distinguished itself by going to the forefront in terms of different connections, such as the 30-pin connector that was used until the iPhone 4s, later replaced by lightning .

Do you think that this concept will finally materialize? Do you think an iPad with USB would be an advantage? Tell us in our comments section .

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