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Monday, 5 February 2018

The reign of Spotify in danger by Apple Music

Spotify is currently the most widely used streaming music service worldwide , reaching the figure of 70 million paid subscribers and with more than 140 million users of any of its versions. This gives it a huge advantage over the rest of services of this type, where Apple Music occupies the second position, with 36 million paying users, reducing distances at full speed with the passage of time.

And is that although the streaming music service of Cupertino was not launched until 4 years after Spotify, 2015 by 2011, with the passage of time has managed to reduce distances, as far as users are concerned, but also in terms of music catalog, features or functionalities.

With the data worldwide, we can only see a cut in the distance in number of users, but if we focus only on the data from the United States, the surprise is more than pleasant. Spotify has a 2% monthly growth in the North American country , for the 5% in which Apple Music is located.

This growth would make that Apple Music could be placed , during the summer months, as the most popular streaming music service in the United States . Without a doubt, it would be a great achievement for Apple, although the road ahead will still be very wide to be able to beat Spotify worldwide, which, as we have seen, has almost double the number of paid subscribers.

Apple Music has the great advantage of being pre-installed in a huge amount of iPhone and iPad , which undoubtedly, and especially in the United States give a very important accolade. Of course, for the moment Spotify is still the king of a market in full growth, which in the coming years we will have news continuously and even possibly the emergence of new actors called to become stars.

Are you one of those who use Apple Music or Spotify in your daily life? . Tell us in the space reserved for comments of this post or through any of the social networks in which we are present.

Via | macrumors 

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