This 2018 will bring 150 new emojis to your iPhone -


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Thursday, 8 February 2018

This 2018 will bring 150 new emojis to your iPhone

We all love using emojis , those little drawings that animate our messages so much and that are part of non-verbal communication. Its use is very widespread and good proof of the success they have is that during this year 2018 will reach our devices more than 150 new emoji .

And is that the Unicode consortium has just announced the presentation of these 157 in emojis , although entirely new are 77 of them, since the rest are variations of other existing, such as, for example, the change in the tone of the skin .

And now we will have to not get bored, since we will find new hairstyles and hair types , including male and female faces with red hair, curly hair, grayish hair at younger ages, interesting mature plan and as not , the bald also have their hole . And they are very attractive and they were not represented!

What's new for this 2018 also makes a nod to superheroes and supervillains , since we're going to find enough of them with their masks and willing to save the world. Surely they delight the little ones in the house!

We will also find the inclusion of new images , among which we can highlight a puzzle piece, a lettuce, a peacock, a shopping cart or a roll of toilet paper. The latter already missed him, because his enemy the poop has long been with us .

Emoji 11.0 will be part of the Unicode 11.0 standard, scheduled to be released this coming June . When will they reach our iPhone or iPad? Probably in August or September, date in which iOS 12 will be about to see the light.

However it will be with Emoji 12.0, scheduled for mid-2019, when we find a feature that we already echoed a few months ago , that the emoji can rotate from left to right . 

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