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Thursday, 1 February 2018

This is Signal, the safest messaging app used by politicians

Yesterday the commotion was formed in Spain by the filtration to the press of some screenshots about the conversations of some politicians . Once overcome all the commotion was perceived that people are using the one that claims to be the safest messaging application in the world.

Its creators qualifies it as " the security that fits in your pocket ". It is used, in addition to Puigdemont and Comins, by former CIA analyst Edward Snowden , who is in exile at the Embassy of Ecuador in London. Apparently, it is the best option if we want our privacy to be kept safe, as long as there is no television camera in front of us.

It is a free application and is available ** for both Android and iOS devices, it is logical that it is not very popular, but we are going to tell you a little more about it so that you know it better.

How does it work?

To register you only need a phone number and do not need a username or email account. The use of the app is similar to that of other messaging tools: you can create groups and even emojis or make video calls.

Although the best thing about this app is its security options, such as end-to-end encryption, something that sounds to us because WhatsApp announced that it had been implemented in one of its updates. But the difference is that " not only protects conversations against a hacker, " but also the service itself . So no one but the sender and receiver read the messages.

" We can not listen to your conversations or see your messages, and nobody else can. Everything in Signal has end-to-end encryption, "they explain in the company's blog.

Also from the application itself you can not take screenshots either . You can even add an extra layer of security by adding a key to the conversations, and of course, the messages disappear after a while.

Who created it?

The application was created by an independent group of software developers called "Open Whisper Systems", whose founder is a hacker, Moxie Marlinspike , and who actually has a profile that does not seem to fit with that of other entrepreneurs. Besides, that's his pseudonym, because we do not know his real name.

You will need it in case of ...

Require extreme confidentiality in your conversations, because it is not only Edward Snowden who recommends the application, but Laura Poitras, famous for revealing the secrets of Snowden , also defends the use of Signal and defines it, according to the website, as " the best encryption tool, I recommend that you use it every day . "
What are your inconveniences?

That being such a secret application is not very popular. The greens, property of Marck Zuckerberg, occupied a privileged place when arriving first at the messaging applications and you know, who hits first hits twice . In any case, if for any reason you are worried about the safety of your conversations, this is your tool. But remember that nobody looks at your screen.
Signal - Private Messenger
Signal - Private Messenger
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