This machine converts plastic bottles into iPhone cases -


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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

This machine converts plastic bottles into iPhone cases

The consumption habits of our civilization are not sustainable and, as a consequence, we face major problems on a global scale such as climate change . It is clear that we have to do our part to try to avoid it, both individually and collectively.

Unfortunately the engine of our economy is precisely consumption: buy, use, throw away ; that is why it is so important to implement habits such as recycling and reuse, but sometimes it is difficult to do so and maybe the results do not convince us, as happens to some with recycled paper. Today we want to present a surprising initiative for plastic bottles, which by the way go to the yellow container.

Plastic bottles - especially bottled water - are a major source of pollution in the West . And in many places the quality of tap water is not what you want, or we are simply convinced that drinking bottled water is healthier, reaching hundreds of bottles per year per person.

Phonebloks, the solution to waste that prevents damage to our iPhone

So a brilliant inventor has had a great idea: turn all those plastic bottles into attractive iPhone cases , and soon other brands as popular as Xiaomi. Dave Hakkens is the creator of Phonebloks , which in addition to feeding on water bottles, also recycles milk bottles, coffee cups and other containers so they have a much cooler second life.

The operation is quite simple: it uses an iPhone mold and a normal injector. The plastic is introduced into the tank, which is molded and compressed into a sheath. The result? A unique sleeve that can be personalized in a thousand ways .

This simple and effective creation is devastating and in just a few months, it already has more than 100 recycling machines throughout the United Kingdom. Hopefully it is a matter of time to expand borders reaching our country and in passing, to increase their range of devices and we will not take long to see the same for the iPad or the MacBook, which will look elegant and more sustainable than ever.

Via | Cult of Mac 

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