This trick is the best of iOS 11 to not lose anything on your iPhone -


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Saturday, 24 February 2018

This trick is the best of iOS 11 to not lose anything on your iPhone

One of those aspects of iOS 11 that went largely unnoticed was the enormous improvement that Spotlight suffered . And now, when you search for a person through this search engine, you can get absolutely everything: email, messages, contact details, WhatsApp messages, events ... absolutely everything!

But as we will see later, it does not stay here: we can also look for other data that we have lost by our iPhone and recover them instantly. However, it has its mysteries. Below we will show you how to squeeze the maximum Spotlight to access all the information available about a contact.

How to use Spotlight to search for information or people?

It's as simple as starting to write the name in the box . As in the Google search engine, the auto-complete function will do the rest. You will see in a list a series that fit with the text you have written. Where they are contacts, an icon with a silhouette shape will appear. Otherwise, a magnifying glass will appear.

Below, you will see a quick access to those contacts that fit, your WhatsApp, emails that you have exchanged, etc., you just have to scroll down. But let's focus: let's go back and select one of those people who are in our contact list.

Spotlight will list all available information about that contact : quick access to call them via FaceTime, send an iMessage, or a normal call. Below, you have the most recent emails, events in the calendar, latest iMessages, and even third-party apps that you have installed.

Normally we only see the most recent, but if you want you can go further . For example, if you want to get all your emails, click on "Search in the app" of that section and you will see all the emails listed from the application itself. This is very useful and the fastest way to access all the information.

And it is that imagine that your boss sends you an email with a link to an important project, but the mail is lost among the horde of emails you receive daily. Time passes and you forget the date in which it was sent to you or even if it was sent to you by mail or by WhatsApp.

With Spotlight you can track everything and find it in a moment . Of course, for this case you do not need to write the name of your boss, just write the name of the project and you will see the results.

So stop wasting time with the search engines of the apps or manually tracking and use Spotlight .

Via | Cult of Mac 

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