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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

This will be the AR glasses of Apple: price, features, launch

A few weeks ago, Tim Cook criticized Samsung and other brands for launching into the market of Augmented Reality glasses, claiming that it was an unripe sector . And in Apple they like to do things well, and that takes time. A common strategy in Cupertino, as we have seen recently with the HomePod , the smart speaker of Apple.

But that Apple is late does not mean that it does not advance, in fact we have spent time reporting patents on smartglasses , which makes us think that this project is much more evolved than we think and will be presented sooner than we think.

Do you want to know everything that is known to date? How much will Apple's Augmented Reality glasses cost? How will your design be? When will they be presented? What functions will they have? This is all that is known today .

Augmented Reality Glasses by Apple

Apple is known for making exquisite, elegant and functional designs and the AR Glasses are not going to be an exception. No bizarre or futuristic designs, Apple's AR glasses will be quite similar to normal glasses , with the minimalist line characteristic of the bitten apple.

Thus, following the trail of the Apple Watch, this wearable will be very "wearable" and will fit with the style of the most varied people. In addition there are already premises of failure of other manufacturers such as Google, which opted for a bulky design for Google Glasses.

It is expected to have interchangeable parts, something similar to what already happens with the Apple Watch band, so that we can buy colors or materials that suit our tastes , personalizing them to the fullest with our style or outfit.

Both the pins and the frame of the Apple AR Glasses will be made of high quality metal , with soft leather coating where it is in contact with our ears and our nose. And is that luxury is not at odds with comfort.

The glass of the lenses will be made of high quality glass, resistant to scratches and falls . In iDropNews it is speculated that they can even be dyed, so that they can even work as sunglasses.
Technical specifications

But let us not be fooled by its design : its minimal lines will hide ambient sensors, camera, bluetooth, Wi-Fi and even an antenna such as the one integrated by the iPhone. Likewise, it will also integrate a battery, a processor and a taptical motor that will interact with us with just a touch of a pin.

The lenses, authentic key of the glasses, will also be protagonists in the AR Apple glasses because it will be precisely where the augmented reality will be projected, thanks to a micro projector integrated in the frame of the device.

Although taking into account the collaboration of Apple and Intel, we can not rule out that Apple uses the revolutionary technology of retinal projection , which uses a harmless laser to project images directly in this part of the eye. If this case were to occur, the lens glass will simply be one more lens.

Battery and autonomy

It is clear that Apple will optimize the autonomy of the battery to endure as much as possible, but taking into account that there will be hardly any space for ports, it will almost certainly be charged exclusively wirelessly , through a base such as the Apple Watch, yes, Coated with microfiber to prevent damage to the lenses.

Another more remote option is to be inspired by Airpods and have a case with a port to do it . In any case, AirPower will be compatible.
Operating system rOS

This is the most complicated section to anticipate, although although patents are known that give an idea of ​​the form or the hardware, not of its interior. The rumors assure that it will be a completely autonomous device , that is, it will not be required to have the iPhone nearby. And it is even speculated that one day can replace the mobile, as we read in Business Insider .

Therefore, it is normal for Apple glasses to have its own optimized operating system (rOS) for this device, with a stock of apps for AR and its own App Store. As it could not be less, it will have Siri, maps, video and messages. And is that if Macs work with macOS and iPhone or iPad with iOS, Apple glasses will integrate rOS , the acronym of "reality operating system" or reality operating system.

Release date

Apple has been working on these AR glasses for a while, which, as we mentioned before, could end up replacing the iPhone . Despite the prevailing discretion, the manufacturer associated with Apple Quanta Computer Inc., recently reached an agreement with the augmented reality manufacturer Lumus Ltd. to manufacture lenses for smart glasses. It is not causal .

Although Apple has not spoken publicly about this project, it is known that they are working hard on its development with the aim of being presented in 2019 and marketed in early 2020 , according to Bloomberg .

The temporary alliance of Lumus and Quanta has tried to adjust the production costs of these smartglasses so that they do not reach the thousand dollars, which suggests that the glasses of AR of Apple will be precisely around the thousand dollars , that yes, below the prices of the current flagships. 

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