This will be iOS 12: everything we know so far -


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Saturday, 3 February 2018

This will be iOS 12: everything we know so far

Although we are still getting used to iOS 11, the reality is that Apple is already working in advanced stages in iOS 12 . As we discovered a few days ago thanks to Axios, in fact Apple's new mobile software would be more focused on improving battery performance and management than delighting us with surprising new features.

This order would come directly from Craig Federighi, the vice president of software engineering, who reported his intentions to the employees. However, although we know that Apple has a lot of work to do improving facets in which iOS 11 weakens , some new features are already known that make many users are recovering the desire to update again , a habit that many would have lost because of iOS 11

What will we see in iOS 12?

News in native apps

Axios has reported the series of improvements that Apple will implement in iOS 12:

  •     Redesign of the home screen .
  •     New and useful features for Mail , the native email manager of iOS.
  •     Improvements and more agility when taking pictures .
  •     More features for Augmented Reality , something that we will begin to see with iOS 11.3 .
  •     More functions for Health .

Bloomberg goes further and points directly to a measure that we met recently, but that was originally expected for later.

We refer to the fusion of apps between iOS and MacOS . What does this mean? That the interfaces and operations between the software of the Mac, iPhone and iPad will be the same . Everything would be simpler, more fluid and the synchronization will be faster.

More prominence for the iPhone X

In 2017, Apple introduced the iPhone X, a disruptive phone called to mark an era both in the lines of action of Cupertino and among the competition. With the iPhone X the Home button and the Touch ID are finished, but the Face ID or a new screen ratio have also arrived.

Thus, it is foreseeable that functions will come to improve the iPhone X experience, such as a dark mode, Always On Display, improvements in facial recognition, more gestures or moving iPad multitasking.

What does the user want?

Apple seems to have listened to the users, who will be very happy optimizing the performance and the battery of their devices or being able to choose between the management of the battery and the speed of the processor - something that will come with iOS 11.3 -.

However, among the list of things most in demand are more efficient notification management, night mode or more accurate and less invasive volume management .

If Apple follows the patterns of previous years, iOS 12 will be released in September during the keynote , although we can see it for the first time at WWDC 2018 in June 2018. 

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