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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Tim Cook is so rich that he does not understand the need for money

Who needs money? I already tell you: servant. And probably yourself. But for Tim Cook it is secondary. The truth is that the CEO of Apple is a person who fights for noble causes such as the wet back of the USA, LGBT rights, etc., but sometimes shows that he lives very far from the ordinary citizen, as when he said that the iPhone X to 999 dollars - 1,159 euros in Spain - it was almost a bargain .

At the end of the day, Cook's approximate fortune is 666 million , so to a certain extent it is understandable that concepts such as not getting to the end of the month or tightening the belt will escape him. Even so, he continues to surprise us with statements such as the one he made yesterday during the last quarterly shareholders' meeting, in which he commented:

    I hope to live long enough to see the disappearance of money.

Of course, he said more thinking about Apple Pay and payment platforms than anything else . But you can not always exchange goods and services with Apple Pay, both because of the current limitations of our banks, because not everyone has an iPhone or simply, because maybe the neighborhood's butchery does not allow paying with this platform. By the way, recently Apple has increased its offer of compatible banks in Spain with Apple Pay .

Tim Cook continued with his explanation:

    Mobile payments are being implemented slower than I had originally thought years ago, when we developed the technology.

In any case, the mobile payment platforms continue to grow - they will - will not mean that the money in cash dies, or that even people adopt Apple Pay over alternatives such as Android Pay or Samsung Pay. But we understand what Cook wanted to say without too much tact .

Via | Mashable 

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