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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Tim Cook talks about Apple's upcoming releases

In the last hours, the CEO of Apple has granted an interview to Fast Company in which they have talked about the life and miracles of the bitten apple. It is no secret that every time Tim Cook speaks, the bread rises , after some controversial statements such as ensuring that the price of the iPhone X is a bargain or that Apple is not for the rich .

This time it has been more measured, focusing on why Apple has been named the most innovative company by projects such as ARKit, Face ID or the iPhone X. Like everything in life, Cook explains that its success is not coincidence, but comes from hard work and research for years of the products released to the market.

If you do not believe it, Cook has assured that Apple would already be working on new products that we will not see until the 20s. I'm not talking about 1920, but about the 2020s, that's nothing. For example, in the case of chip development, they take 3 or 4 years in advance. Knowing this, we are clear that the 2018 iPhone already have to be in the oven .

Apple augmented reality glasses

One of those gadgets that more expectation raises are precisely the Apple AR Glasses , because while some say they will be launched in 2018, others believe that its launch will be postponed until 2020 .

But perhaps both rumors are false, considering that months ago Tim Cook explained that the AR technology was still very green and that other brands were rushing and launching gadgets with insufficient quality . However, from the comments of the CEO of Apple everything points to that they would arrive in no more than one or two years .

And is that for Apple is not so important to be the first to be the best , there is more to see the landing of HomePod in the sector of smart speakers. Precisely that is one of the secrets of its success among users, who are faithful to the bitten apple because their products are synonymous with quality and design.

What is next?

Of course, the more success, the more money. And with more income Apple can invest more in R + D + I and also acquire specialized firms in their areas of research, such as Shazam and everything that Apple aims to get out of it .

As Tim Cook explains:

    What moves us is to make products that allow people to do things that they could not do before. For example, the iPhone X and vertical lighting in portrait mode. This was something that you had to be professional to achieve it once. Of course, the iPhone X is not cheap. But all achieve everything you can do with it, either.

Of course, the iPhone X is much more than your camera. But the new big market of Apple are the services , not only the cloud iCloud or Apple Music , but also ARKit and the augmented reality sector, for which Cupertino has provided a platform for developers who want to launch their apps to the world using virtual reality. 

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