Towards the iPhone, Mac and iPad flexible thanks to this Apple patent -


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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Towards the iPhone, Mac and iPad flexible thanks to this Apple patent

It seems the next step of technological evolution, right? First came mobile phones, offering greater convenience and portability than landlines. Then the smartphones appeared, with touch screens and fewer buttons ... And now we are waiting for the launch of flexible screen devices.

Apple wants to pose a revolutionary future by creating a flexible iPhone, iPad and Mac . All your ideas are reflected in this patent.

Apple's work on flexible devices began in 2011, with the publication of its first patent in reference to this technology. Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has republished a new Apple patent that shows new ways to produce flexible devices .

In the patent, we see different implementations of this technology in an iPhone, an iPad, a MacBook and even an Apple Watch.


In this patent, Apple presents an illustration of a fully flexible touch screen on an electronic portable device that appears to be an iPhone. Interestingly, it has a start button. But that is not important.

MacBook and iPad

The image FIG. 14A shows a parallel perspective view of a possible application of flexible technology in the monitor support structure of a MacBook.

In the same illustration we see how a flexible case is used in an iPad . The images show us the cover in different positions.

iMac and Apple Watch

In the last image of this patent (FIG 16A and 16B) we see an iMac with an adjustable support . The electrical wiring necessary for the operation of the screen would be fed through the interior of said support structure.

To finish, (FIG 17A and 17B) you can see an Apple Watch with a flexible strap. The interesting thing about this image is that we could be talking about a tactile strap , since the current wearable belts are already flexible.

Looking to the future ...

How much time has to pass until consumers have the opportunity to see the launch of a flexible iPhone? For the moment, we do not know it. But, for anyone who is not familiar, the technology already exists and is available in some devices and prototypes as you can see in the videos that we attach below.

Via | Patently Apple 

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