Twitter trolls discover how to block your iPhone -


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Monday, 19 February 2018

Twitter trolls discover how to block your iPhone

A few days ago something that was able to block your iPhone went viral. A characteristic character of the Hindu script, in its Telugu variant , and spoken by 74 million people in India, left your iPhone out of combat.

Well, you probably did not know about the existence of this language and you do not have any friends who speak it and who will send you a message in this language, but the danger was there . However, the problem now decides on the social network Twitter, where many people try to make other users fall into this annoying bug .

Some users of the social network of the bird have introduced a character of this language in your username, for example, with the aim of viralizing and annoying you in case you click on their profile, inviting also to spread.

    Can we have that #Telegu iPhone Crashing Character to trend on twitter please? 😂
    - Hackology (@Hackology) February 18, 2018

The consequences are already known, the application and crashea Twitter and stop working with all the nuisance that may involve . But all is not lost in the unlikely event that you have fallen. The solution is simple. Enter your Twitter profile from Safari on your device and block the funny turn , with which you can now use the application normally.

As a temporary solution until until Apple or the application itself definitively end with that bug, you can use it. And is that the spread of this type of failure could become fashionable in the future , making fall to people who are alien to this type of controversy. Because, the truth, did you know about the existence of Telugu?

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